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DOA2: Hardcore Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Zooming in on Victory Poses

    At the winner screen, Press Triangle+Circle together. At this time the camera will zoom out a little and you know it worked. Now just use the D-pad to rotate, square to zoom in and circle to zoom out.

    Contributed by: ConfusedONE 

  2. Alternate Ayane Scene

    Go to Story Mode and pick Ayane as your character. Fight all the way until Stage 5 when you get to Kasumi. Then quickly knock her off the cliff into the pit down below. Once in the pit below, kill Kasumi off with an attack that will send her flying across the screen (Using Ayane's QCF + K). After killing her move Ayane back so that she is far from Kasumi. Finally a special scene will occur with Ayane doing a fatality to Kasumi.

    Contributed by: The Weapon Master 

  3. Survival mode trick

    At the start of a match in survival mode take the disc out of the disc tray and then beat your opponant. Once they are beaten hit them with a down and they will give you an item*Note you can keep hitting them to get more items and this is a faster way to get stars*.When you are done just put the disc back in the tray.

    Contributed by: BlackGuilmon 

  4. Change Day

    Just select any stage useing the o button and the stage's day will change.

    Contributed by: BlackGuilmon 

  5. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete story mode on easy difficulty with every character to unlock Bayman in all modes except story mode. Play as Bayman
    Collect 10 Stars in Survival Mode or play a combination of characters 200 times. Tengu is playable in all modes except Story Mode. Play as Tengu
    Gather 200 STARS in SURVIVAL MODE in order to unlock all the costumes in the game. STARS will not appear until after you unlock Bayman. Unlock All Costumes
    Beat Team Mode with five characters. Unlock CG Gallery
    In the beginning, each character has two costumes. Just complete Story Mode with the characters in any difficulties to unlock their third costumes. Unlock characters' alternate costumes
    Beat the story mode with all the characters on the hardest difficulty. Unlock Longer Credits (Japanese version only)

    Contributed by: dhopkins007, Asch The Hated, psider, The Great Teacher, Mysticcat 

  6. Random tag team opponents

    At the mode select menu

    Effect Effect
    press start when choosing tag team AND when choosing number of players You will fight random teams instead of the preset teams, but you will never fight Tengu or Bayman

    Contributed by: sonicking917 

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