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  1. -Steal- anything you want

    There is a simple method of which you may use to steal anything in the game with ease, regardless of whether there are NPC around or not.

    All you have to do is follow the preceeding steps:
    #1 Get a container of any type (ie. barrel, chest..etc)
    #2 Open the container
    #3 Drag and drop the item you wish to steal INTO the container
    #4 Leave the immediate area or get out of sight of NPCs before you take the item into your main inventory.

    There you go, perfect means to get whatever you want at no cost or punishment!

    Contributed by: istorm 

  2. -Teleportation- glitches

    Playing around with the pyramid teleportation objects can have dire results. On interesting trick you can do is get near the edge of the world map, the area where everything is black fog beyond the trees. Drag one of the teleporation pyramids out and toss it OVER the trees. If you do so correctly, you will be able to teleport to it from your other pyramid. *note* this can get you pretty stuck, but it also opens a whole new door of exploration and ease of transportation. Give it a shot!

    Contributed by: istorm 

  3. Keep Slasher Glitch

    In a quest you get from an Orc in the Aleroth catacombs you are asked to retrieve an axe called Slasher. You will find slasher deeper in the catacombs.

    When you find it, instead of going to the Orc with it, put it in a chest/barrel back in Aleroth. Then go to the Orc and say that you have found Slasher. You will give it to him even though you don't have it in your inventory. He will kill an Orc to test it and go back to the Orc camp. Now you can go back to your chest/barrel and get the axe. Then you will have the Axe and completed the quest. If you want you can sell it, or keep it untill you are strong enough to use it.

    Contributed by: DarkTyphoon 

  4. Super Item Duplication

    Ok this is the ultimate way to duplicate any items practically everywhere.
    And best of all, it works on ALL versions!


    - Find a container (any kind), open it, and put the item inside
    - From the container, drag the item over your inventory window
    but don't release it (keep mouse pressed)
    - Pause the game (space) then release the item in inventory
    (you will hear a dropping noise)
    - Press escape key to go at main menu, and right after resume to you game
    - Unpause...and voila! Item(s) duplicated!

    Contributed by: NicTheWhite 

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