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Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse Cheats For GameCube

  1. Magical Quest Items

    There are exclusive items found in Disney's Magical Quest for the GBA that can be used to transfer to this game. Once the player obtains the special items found in that game's shops and saved the game, the player needs a GameCube-GBA link cable to transfer over to this game. If succeeded, the main game differs slightly from the normal playthrough:

    Stool: Stools are placed in the first room with the broken hall and wardrobe and later in the game in the library room. These are used to obtain the keys much easier without needing to do a trick to get them.
    Broom: A broom is found outside in the clock tower. With it, the player can fly over to the old mansion and back with ease.
    Stars: Two extra star containers are found in the hallway with doors leading to the tea room and kitchen and the spiral stairway. The first one is done by clicking on three pictures on the walls to open the window and have the container pop up. The second is found at the very bottom of the stairway and isn't hard to miss.
    Question Mark: The bonus room is unlocked very early on without needing to complete the game.

    Contributed by: BunnyKirby 

  2. Unlockables

    Beat the game to unlock the following:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Once you have completed the game, enter the Bonus Room. Once in the Bonus Room, click on the Jukebox to access the Sound Test. Sound Test
    When you finish the game and save, go to the file select screen, now you will see a new opition ''Bonus Room'' Visit Mickey's bedroom

    Contributed by: LuigiInHisMansi, Shiaoran 

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