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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Blow up Loading Screen Prinny

    When the game starts and you see the Prinny dancing at the Now Loading screen, rapidly press R3. If done enough times before you reach the main menu, the Prinny will explode.

    Contributed by: RemRockVersion1 

  2. Trophies

    There are 48 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Requirement: Dish out 100,000 damage. This much damage should... What!? 100,000 Points of Pain
    Requirement: Use a Mounted Skill. Two people, working together... 2 Become 1
    Requirement: Change the character you control at the base. You're the main character now, dog! A Main Character is You!
    Requirement: Clear Episode 9. Angel Finder
    Requirement: Clear Episode 7. Angel Protector
    Requirement: Make Artina join your party. I was planning on going home right after collecting the money... Artina Get Your Gun
    Requirement: Level up a Demon Dojo Training type. Your training has only just begun. As Seen on TV
    Requirement: Protect 10 attacks. I will protect you! Attack Interceptor
    Requirement: Mount a character. Where to? Baby's First Ride
    Requirement: Watch 100 battle conversations. People have a lot to talk about, even in battle. Battle of Words
    Requirement: Create a character. I will follow you! Bringer of Life
    Requirement: Have ten characters reach Max likeability at any given point. What is love!? This is love. Buried by Rocks at Night
    Requirement: Use the Cheat Shop 10 times. Cheat your way to the top! Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater
    Requirement: Perform 100 Combos. Don't even let them think about counter attacking! Combo Commando
    Requirement: Make Emizel join your party. I'm telling Father about this! Emizel Almighty
    Requirement: Clear Episode 6. Eviland Explorer
    Requirement: Lose all your units in battle and lose. I won't give up! Game Over...Or Not!
    Requirement: Clear Episode 5. Gate Crasher
    Requirement: Go to a bonus stage. Mwahahaha! Take it all! Gimme the Loot!
    Requirement: Defeat an Item God. What do you need all these item upgrades for anyway? God Slayer, Item
    Requirement: Pay out 100,000,000 HL in bribes. Pay your dues. Greasing the Wheels
    Requirement: Talk to NPC characters at the base 1,000 times. Sparking conversations is the first step to friendship. Great Conversationalist
    Requirement: Clear Episode 3. Group Negotiator
    Requirement: Make Asagi join your party. I'm the Idol of the Future! How Asagi Got Her Groove Back
    Requirement: Collect all items (excluding grades). Now aim for completing all the grades, too! Item Hoarder
    Requirement: Jump 1,000 times. Jumping is so much fun! Jumping Juggernaut
    Requirement: Clear Episode 2. Little Angel Wrangler
    Requirement: Travel 42.195 km. Even the longest journey begins with a single step. Marathon Demon
    Requirement: Clear Episode 4. Netherworld Idol
    Requirement: Pass the Bill to get Girl Laharl. like Laharl as a girl? Ooh La Laharl!
    Requirement: Perform 100 Support Attacks. I'll give you a hand, so take it! Opportunist Extraordinaire
    Requirement: Clear all Cave of Ordeals maps. Your journey has only just begun... Your endless journey... Ordeal or No Deal
    Requirement: Defeat some pirates. Avast, I shall drive ye back! Plank Walker
    Requirement: Make Porkmeister join your party. In order to become an Overlord! Porkmeister's II: The Next Stage
    Requirement: Defeat Pringer X. This can't be the last Pringer... There has to be more... Pringer X-Terminator
    Requirement: Make a 10 Prinny explosion chain. Be careful when handling explosives. Prinnies of Mass Destruction
    Requirement: Use a Mounted Skill with two characters that have max likeability. The two of us can do it! Public Display of Affection
    Requirement: Open 100 treasure chests. The moment when you open a treasure is so exciting! Raiders of the Lost Chest
    Requirement: Make Barbara join your party in the Post-Game. Master Cat will guide me! Red Barbara
    Requirement: Collect all Save Icons. One more time. Save Icon Collector
    Special Voyeur
    Requirement: Make a ten character tower. Being the one at the very top is pretty scary. Stacking the Deck
    Requirement: Clear Episode 1. Statue Connoisseur
    Requirement: Clear the Final Episode. Story Finisher
    Requirement: Perform 100 Team Attacks. There's not much to fear as long as we're together! Team Attack Tactician
    Requirement: Dish out 100,000,000 damage. You answered the call for more power!!! *grunt* *grunt* *grunt* The Damage of 100,000,000 Exploding Suns
    Requirement: Nullify all Geo Panels on a map. That gives such a great feeling of accomplishment. The End of the Rainbow
    Requirement: Watch the opening movie. Please enjoy Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness! The New Disgaea Anime
    Requirement: Make Axel join your party. This is the birth of the Super Dark Hero! The Tao of Axel
    Requirement: Make Petta join your party. Where has father gone? There's Something About Petta
    Requirement: Defeat Pringer X in LoC Mode. You are the King of Chaos! Ultimate Destroyer
    Requirement: Clear Episode 8. Uniter, Not a Divider
    Requirement: Complete all other trophies. You collected all the trophies! Congratulations! Please continue down your path to greatness! Universal Recognition
    Requirement: Make Valvatorez and Fenrich join your party. Just eat more sardines! Valvatorez and Fenrich's Infinite Prinnylist
    Requirement: Use force to persuade the Dark Assembly. A true demon forces his will on everyone. Voter Intimidation
    Requirement: Defeat Darkdeath Evilman. Being Etna's vassal is one of the most physically straining jobs in the Netherworld. Weekend at Darkdeath Evilman's

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  3. How to Unlock Classes

    Thief: Get a Martial Artist or Fight Mistress to level 5 or higher

    Get a Warrior or Valkyrie and a Priest or Cleric to level 15 with a Weapon Mastery for Bow to level 5+. Unlock at the start of episode 5. Archer
    Get a Warrior or Valkyrie to level 20 with a Weapon Mastery for Spear to level 7+ and clear Episode 3. Unlock at the start of episode 10. Armor Knight
    Get a Warrior or Valkyrie to level 30+. You must have used a Mounted Skill at some point. Beast Master
    Get a Cleric and an Onmyo Monk to level 100+ or clear episode 8. Celestial host female
    Get a Priest and a Magic Knight to level 100+ or clear episode 8. Celestial host Male
    Get a Thief to level 15+ with a Weapon Mastery for Gun to level 5+. Gunner
    Get an Archer to level 30+ with a Weapon Mastery for Sword to level 7+. Lady Samurai
    Get a Warrior or Valkyrie and a Magician or Witch to level 20+. Magic Knight
    Get a Martial Artist or Fight Mistress and a Ninja to level 25+. Masked Hero
    Get a Thief and a Martial Artist or Fight Mistress to level 20+. Ninja
    Get a Magician or Witch and a Priest or Cleric to level 10 and clear episode 2. Onmyo Monk
    Get an Onmyo Monk and Magic Knight to level 20+. Shaman
    Get a Martial Artist or Fight Mistress to level 5+. Thief

    Contributed by: Valinxx 

  4. DLC Trophy Pack 1

    These trophies are obtained by downloading the DLC Pack 1.

    Requirement: Make DLC character Adell join your party. That's just my style! Enter the Demon Hunter
    Requirement: Make DLC character Lilliel join your party. Would you like to become God? The Alternate Celestial Angel Descends
    Requirement: Make DLC character Rozalin join your party. Surely you must recognize this emblem of the four-leaf clover! The Overlord's Daughter's Debut

    Contributed by: ColdDesire 

  5. DLC Trophy Pack 2

    These trophies are obtained by downloading the DLC Pack 2.

    Requirement: Make DLC character Mao join your party. Don't make me fix you up! Evil Academy Dean's List
    Requirement: Make DLC character Salvatore join your party. Superior orders are absolute! The Diez Ladies and Gentlemen
    Requirement: Make DLC character Raspberyl join your party. Brush your teeth twice a day! The Loitering of the No.1 Delinquent

    Contributed by: ColdDesire 

  6. DLC Trophy Pack 6

    These trophies are obtained by downloading the DLC Pack 6.

    Requirement: Make DLC character Nisa join your party. Don't call me flat! Hero Worship
    Requirement: Make DLC character Gig join your party. I am the all-powerful Gig! Master of Death and Taxes
    Requirement: Make DLC character Plume join your party. The Battle Princess has arrived! Plume: Battle Princess

    Contributed by: ColdDesire 

  7. DLC Trophy Pack 5

    These trophies are obtained by downloading the DLC Pack 5.

    Requirement: Make DLC character Overlord Priere join your party. Might makes right, and I'm the mightiest! Out of Place Overlord
    Requirement: Make DLC character Eclair join your party. The Princess has arrived! Princess of Paprika
    Requirement: Make DLC character Priere join your party. Confess! Under Orders of La Pucelle

    Contributed by: ColdDesire 

  8. DLC Trophy Pack 4

    These trophies are obtained by downloading the DLC Pack 4.

    Requirement: Make DLC character Ash join your party. You'll go no further! For her sake, I will not fail! Phantom of the Island
    Requirement: Make DLC character Marona join your party. Valiant Phantoms, aid me in battle! Chartreuse Gale! The Chroma Connection
    Requirement: Make DLC character Metallia join your party. I will cover the world with swamps! Which Swamp Witch is Which

    Contributed by: ColdDesire 

  9. DLC Trophy Pack 3

    These trophies are obtained by downloading the DLC Pack 3.

    Requirement: Make DLC character Pram join your party. You're about to say... Prophecy of an Oracle
    Requirement: Make DLC character Alex join your party. I don't even need some lame hammer! The God of Destruction's Wrath
    Requirement: Make DLC character Zetta join your party. The strongest in the entire cosmos stands before you. We've Got Badass on Tap

    Contributed by: ColdDesire 

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