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Digimon Digital Card Battle Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Powerful Card Passwords

    After defeating Analogman, return to the Battle Cafe in Sky City and speak with the Wizardmon there. He will offer to create extremely powerful cards in exchange for inputting the proper magic spell (password).

    Effect Effect
    A-VEEDRAMON Obtain Aero Veedramon card (Nature Specialty)
    H-KBUTERIMON Obtain Hercules Kabuterimon card (Nature Specialty)
    JIJIMON Obtain Jijimon card (Rare Specialty)
    MTLETEMON Obtain Metal Etemon card (Rare Specialty)
    MTLGARURUMON Obtain Metal Garurumon card (Water Specialty)
    OMNIMON-1 Obtain Omnimon-1 card (Fire Specialty)
    OMNIMON-2 Obtain Omnimon-2 card (Water Specialty)
    PIEDMON Obtain Piedmon card (Darkness Specialty)
    VENOMMYOTIS Obtain Venom Myotismon card (Darkness Specialty)
    WARGREYMON Obtain War Greymon (Fire Specialty)

    Contributed by: ElementalKnight 

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