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Deus Ex: Invisible War Cheats For PC

  1. Enemy Damage Modifier and Invinciblity for Demo

    The amount of damage that an enemy can take be modified. Go to C:/Program Files/Deus Ex Invisible War Demo/System/Default. Open the file with notepad. Scroll down until you reach a section this section:

    ; AI Damage multiplier - damage AIs take from player

    Change the values so that it reads like this:

    ; AI Damage multiplier - damage AIs take from player

    Save it, and start run the game. It should now only take a few shots to kill an enemy.

    *Note: The higher the # the more damage you will cause.

    Now for Invincibility. Immediately following the code line listed above, the following should be present:

    ; Player Damage multiplier - damage player takes from AIs

    Now change it so that all the values read zero:

    ; Player Damage multiplier - damage player takes from AIs

    This will now give you invincibility!! Enjoy!!

    Contributed by: paladriver 

  2. Endings

    - Upload Aquinas to JC Denton
    - Use JC's machine at the statue
    - JC must survive

    - Upload Aquinas to Illuminati
    - Kill JC and Paul
    - Destroy JC's machine at the statue
    - Chad Dumier or Nicolette DuClare must survive

    - Upload Aquinas to Templars
    - Kill JC and Paul
    - Use JC's machine at the statue
    - Saman must survive

    - Kill JC, Paul, Chad Dumier, Nicolette DuClare and Saman
    - Destroy JC's machine at the statue
    (Do not upload Aquinas to anyone as you may trigger another ending by mistake)

    Contributed by: odino 

  3. Debug Menu

    I recently stumble on this little code, which many might find usefull when going around the game. It permits all that other codes don't, mainly, all biomods or a precise mod at a precise level, weapon generation and a few other usefull things as well.

    To use this, I suggest making a copy of your DX2UI.ini file, which can be found in the game's /System folder. The original should be modifed like so:

    Find the tag named &quot;[DebugMenu]&quot; and modify the data to match this:


    Once done, save this and load the game. You'll notice a menu in the screen on the lower right. To use it, load or start a game, press escape to bring down the HUD, and scroll the menu with your mouse.

    Once your done, you can save your game, exit, switch back to your old DX2UI.ini and resume gameplay, to get rid of the debug menu.

    Contributed by: CruentusVita 

  4. ''Wrap'' Party!

    To unlock a secret Wrap Party ending, do the following:

    1. At Liberty Island, go to the UNATCO map. You will see a UNATCO Flag in the first room. Pick it up.
    2. Take the flag to Manderly's office, and go into the bathroom. Drop the flag in the bathroom, then flush the toilet.
    3. You'll then be transported to a hilarious party ending! Be sure to check out the Datacubes for even more hilarity.

    Note: Who is at the party depends on what characters you kill throughout the game.

    Contributed by: Janors 2 

  5. Invulnerable, aiming accuracy, more ammo

    I have found the only cheats at present are the following, just alter the Default ini by making the numbers on each line ending just like the following:

    ; AI Damage multiplier - damage AIs take from player
    ; Player Damage multiplier - damage player takes from AIs
    ; 1.0 = base accuracy, 0.0 = wild, 2.0 = as accurate as it gets (not 100% perfect)
    ; Ammo multiplier for difficulty levels

    Contributed by: Georgek 

  6. Enemy Damamge Modifier and Invincibility for RETAIL game

    Same process as the DEMO file editing, however, use the file USER.INI in the ''SYSTEM'' folder under your Deus Ex Invisible War folder.
    Edit the file the same way, however, when saving, turn off the Read-Only Attribute of the file, save, then change it to Read-Only again.

    Start the game, then Volai! No Damage from the AI.

    *NOTE* This does NOT include falling.

    Contributed by: quiksilver1047 

  7. Get Unlimited Credits in-game from the Debug Menu

    If you enable the Debug Menu, you can add a command option to give yourself credits. Simply insert a line like this into the existing menu structure somewhere (like in the [Cheats...] section: <Mo' Money, GIVECREDITS 9999> This will give you 10,000 credits each time you click that option in the Debug Menu. Be sure to keep GIVECREDITS capitalized, since some commands require it (and others require lowercase--go figure). I have tested this cheat and it works perfectly.

    Effect Effect
    GIVECREDITS <number> Grants player 10,000 credits instantly

    Contributed by: CousinIT1 

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Deus Ex: Invisible War Cheats For Xbox

  1. Mega-Jump

    Position yourself a few feet from a low lying object (stairs [recommended], seat of a couch, non-movable bench, or others about the same height) and start running towards it. Just as soon as you start to walk over it, jump. You should jump 2-3x as high as usual.

    Contributed by: Mintz08 

  2. Unlimited Food in Cairo Medina For Free

    Find the salesman selling the cure for Plague 11. He is next to flaming barrel in South Medina. Buy one soda at 20 Credits, and keeping going back and buying another and you'll notice your credits don't go down but you'll gain one free soda. Do this as long as you what one inventory slot maxes out at 50 for food. Note: It seems those sodas heal more health than normal soda.

    Contributed by: TehChad1988 

  3. Destroy Greasel Puddles with Flaming Barrels or Fire Weapons

    Unbeknownst to some, you can actually destroy those big green puddles of goo that Greasels leave behind in certain levels with Flaming Barrels or any fire weapon.

    The first method involves using the Hellfire Boltcaster. First, you'll have to get it from the Nassif Greenhouse during your first visit to Old Cairo. All you have to do is aim directly for a puddle, and shoot to make it disappear. It's the only weapon that can destroy them directly, because only the Hellfire Boltcaster will show a health meter when aimed at the puddles.

    As for using the flaming barrels or the Flamethrower, all you have to do is dump a dead/unconscious body on top of the puddles, and set it on fire using a flaming barrel or the Flamethrower. After a moment or two, the puddle will immediately disappear. I've tested & confirmed this with the Hellfire Boltcaster in the Antarctica Level, and with a flaming barrel & a flamethrower (plus a couple of unlucky SSC guards) in Apt. 22 of the Heron's Loft building in Lower Seattle. It may take a few shots more with the Flamethrower, but it WILL work.

    This is a great help in levels like Antarctica or Germany, where Greasel puddles are scattered in certain areas in ways meant to obstruct your path.

    Contributed by: GGTigerclaw0 

  4. Kill and stay cloaked

    For some reason you don't lose your cloak when you throw things, so upgrade your strength and cloak.
    When it is time to kill something turn on your cloak grab the heaviest object you can lift and chuck it at your target.
    They won't be able to find you because you will still be cloaked so you can just keep throwing stuff at them.
    This works great on the guys with power armor.

    Contributed by: Fat_Cyborg 

  5. Ladders

    When climbing up a ladder you put away your weapon, but if you hit b to pull it back out you can climb the ladder with your weapon out and usable.

    Contributed by: bluseedfan 

  6. Secret Wrap Party Level......

    While you are in the UNATCO Ruins, the first large room you come into, you will see a Flag. Pick up the Flag, and go to the room where that used to be Joseph Manderly's office. Look around, and you should see a bathroom. Put the UNATCO Flag on the floor so it stands up, and flush the toilet. A message will come up, and you will be transported to the Developement Team Wrap Party, which is set in Club Vox.

    Contributed by: LiMpBiZkitFaN 

  7. Alternate Endings

    Depending on what you do during the game you'll see one of four main endings; here's how to get them:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Upload Aquinas Spec to JC Denton, use the machine at the base of the statue and keep JC Denton alive ApostleCorp Great Advance
    Upload the Aquinas Spec to Illuminati, destroy the machine at base of statue, kill JC and Paul Denton and keep either or both Chad and Nicolette alive Illuminati Age of Light
    Don't upload the Aquinas Spec to anyone, destroy the machine at the base of the statue and kill the leaders of all factions Omar Invasion
    Upload Aquinas Spec to the Templars, use the machine at the base of the statue, kill both JC and Paul Denton and keep Saman alive The Templar Flood

    Contributed by: fireb0lt 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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In-Depth FAQs Biomod Guide by neonjam 28K
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