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  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 72 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Experience the electrical anomaly for yourself 2k19 volt
    Experience the all the anomalies for yourself Abnormal Physics
    Reach the rank of 2 with the scientist Aide to Science
    Craft your first item Arts & Crafts
    Reach the rank of 2 with the engineer Assistant
    Get 10 artifacts from an anomaly Athlete cum Fisher
    Complete the Missing Corpses side quest Beast's Lair
    Kill an enemy with a grenade Big Boom
    Reach the rank of 5 with the biologist Biology Is My Friend
    Get level 3 Research on one of the creatures Careful Preparation
    Reach the rank of 5 with the engineer Companion
    Kill a Wanogah Creature from the Deep
    Kill a Dorg Cute Dog
    Change the carpet, sofa, and walls of your room. Decorator
    Kill a Marauder Easy-Squeezy
    Kill a Grutch Fall of Goliath
    Get your first artifact from an anomaly Fishing for Artifacts
    Complete the prologue From the Very Beginning
    Repair all the retranslators in the game Geolocation
    Eat 30 different crafted dishes Gourmet
    Complete the all the Hunt quests Granichny Animal Control
    Complete the Church side quest Granichny’s Occultism
    Kill the Blindman 5 times Guide
    Experience the gravitational anomaly for yourself Heartless Gravity
    Complete the Oasis quest Home Sweet Home
    Experience the infernal anomaly for yourself Hot
    Equip armor, backpack, and weapon purple quality or higher Ideal Equipment
    Reach level 5 It’s All Ahead of You
    Sell stuff to item traders for more than 20,000 parts Junkyard
    Kill a Sapsy Kitten to Tiger
    Kill an NL employee Law and Order
    Restore all the pneumolift lines to working order Lift Operator
    Kill a Churaka Miss Granichny 2019
    Drink 9 different crafted drinks Mixologist
    Repair all the monoliths in the game Molecular Teleportation
    Compete the Mercy quest Mother of Ruptures
    Fix any workbench in the game Need a Repairman?
    Kill an enemy with a kunai Ninja
    Meet Lily No Place for Children
    Complete the Mysterious Murders side quest Novice Gumshoe
    Complete the first Hunt quest Novice Hunter
    Reach the rank of 60 with the locals Our Man
    Collect all the tokens of Granichny Pack-Rat
    Complete the Painful Blindness side quest Painful Blindness
    Reach level 40 Perfection Knows No Bounds
    Repair and upgrade all the workbenches in your room Personal Workshop
    Use a Pneumolift Pneumatic Technology
    Use the Teleporter artifact Pocket Teleportation
    Collect all the posters of Granichny Poster Collector
    Kill a Quacker Quack Quack
    Help the locals liberate all the locations Recovering What’s Lost
    Fix all the workbenches outside your room Repair Artist
    Complete a random quest Running Errands
    Open a lvl. 2 or higher locked container Safe Cracker
    Reach the rank of 5 with the scientist Scientific Colleague
    Reach the rank of 2 with the biologist Student
    Survive 10 hours of real time without dying. Survivor
    Earn all the achievements in DESOLATE That’s All, Folks
    Help the locals liberate their first location The Fight Begins
    Kill a Hunter The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
    Complete the second chapter The Truth Will Out
    Kill 10 Madmen This Is Madness
    Enter the black hole Through Space and Time
    Complete the Podzemka quest Underground Life
    Kill the Butcher 5 times Visit with a Sadist
    Reach the rank of 10 with the locals Volunteer
    Witness an anomalous vision. What Is This New Devilry?
    Collect all the relics of Granichny What Kind of Weird Stuff...
    Complete the third chapter Who Am I?
    Complete the first chapter Why Did I Sign Up for This
    Complete the New Technology side quest X-perimental Technology
    Kill a Gorlan Young Naturalist

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer