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Deltarune: Chapter 2 Cheats For PC

  1. How to unlock Spamton NEO

    There is 2 ways to unlock Spamton NEO, so I'm going to cover both of them.

    1. Go to Spamton's shop (if it's open, of course (how? beat Spamton's first battle)) and talk to Spamton about 'our deal' and then leave to get the EmptyDisc from the Queen's Palace's basement (explore a bit). Then return to Spamton's shop. And talk about 'give disk'. Press 'TRANSFER' (you won't miss it) and bring it back to the machine you got the EmptyDisc from. Exit... and get ready.

    2. The 2nd way is to complete the 'Snowgrave' (Snowgrave, Weird, True Genocide, anything works) route and keep continuing to the fountain. By yourself. You can probably guess what happens next. Spamton NEO comes out of the sky... when you're by YOURSELF. Get ready to meet the HELL of Deltarune Chapter 2 boss battles.

    Contributed by: OskarRacing01