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Decay of Logos Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Meet Yoran and exhaust all his dialogue lines. A Bard's Tale
    Defeat Prince Ethos. A Matter of Ethics
    Defeat Prince Pathos. A Pathetic Concoction
    Open all the chests. Amazing Chest Ahead
    Survive the battle against King Telos until the very end. Heavy Lies the Crown
    Turn your back on Master Yaal, leaving him to his fate. Merciful?
    Learn all the Magicae Twines taught by the young Magus. Merlin's Apprentice
    Release the Masked Boy from the cage and exhaust all his dialogue lines. Oh, Joyous Day!
    Knock on Nediva's door in the Bosk of Silens and exhaust all her dialogue lines. Respect the Elderly
    Collect all the pieces of King's Guard armor set. Royalty Poser
    Defeat the imprisoned Ancestral War Chief. The Ancestral Lord
    Defeat all the remaining Ancestral Brutes. The Ancestral Purge
    Read all the Ancestral rune stones. The Ancestral Savant
    Defeat the vengeful Ancestral Brute in Palus, the last of the lumberjack twins. The Bark Carrier
    Find Nuri in the Hamlet and exhaust all her dialogue lines. The Blacksmith of Fons
    Defeat the Chomper behemoth. The Chomper King
    Unlock all the trophies. The Completionist
    Play your role as a pawn in Master Yaal's revenge plot. The Decay of Logos
    Defeat one of the Royal Elite Soldiers of the Realm. The King's Guard
    Pick up one of each Mask type worn by the Masked Youths of the Wadi. The Masquerade
    Defeat Prince Kairos and Mother Reba. The Master of Puppets
    Defeat the Slug behemoth. The Metal Slug
    Defeat Master Yaal. The Shapeshifter
    Free Eitan and exhaust all his dialogue lines. The Tradesman's Route
    Lose the battle against King Telos. The Undefeated King
    Collect all the memory ripples contained in the Echo Shells. The Waves of Remembrance
    Defeat the axe-wielding Ancestral Brute in Laetus Grove, one of the lumberjack twins. The Wood Cutter
    Execute Master Yaal. Vengeful?
    Release the trapped youths after defeating Prince Kairos and Mother Reba. We don't need no education

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