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Death's Door Cheats For PlayStation 5

  1. Farm Souls Fast

    After getting the hookshot (early-late game), return to the Stranded Sailor. From the door head east, then east again across the boardwalk, until you reach the end. Hookshot across and you'll encounter a giant metal knight wielding a mace. By this stage of the game, you're pretty beefed up so it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to defeat it. Defeating it will net you 50 souls.

    Return to the door, exit, and re-enter the Stranded Sailor and it will reset the spawn. Rinse and repeat. You can easily farm 100 Souls per minute with this method.

    Contributed by: Vyncent12 

Death's Door Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Frog sewer glitch

    In the battle with hammer welding knights in the sewers, you can lead the knights to the statue at the top have them at that spot in front of the statue and then go to the other side of the map and they will walk right into to water and die.

    Contributed by: BigBomb