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Crystar Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Fused Sentiments 5 times. There is still power hidden within these Sentiments. Adept of Sentiment Fusion
    Saved Mirai.Have I...forgotten something important? All’s well?
    Defeated Anamnesis.This is the end of my revenge story. Attempted Retribution
    Voluntarily go to Purgatory. All to save Mirai. Beyond the Mirror
    Collected 10000 Essence. Now isn’t the time to use these yet. Collector
    Congratulations on collecting all the trophies. Congratulations, thank you. Don’t forget to smile. CRYSTAR
    Reached level 50. Obtain even greater heights of power. Developing
    Pet Thelema 10 times. Good girl. Dog Enthusiast
    Doted on Thelema 53 times.Good girl. The average height of a Samoyed is 53cm. Dog Lover
    Defeated a starving Revenant.There were many that couldn't be saved. I must keep improving. Enforcing Justice
    Cleared an optional Ordeal for the first time.I do like a hard worker. Excellent Executor
    Bade farewell to the distorted past.But they weren't all bad memories. Farewell
    Received feelings from a beloved family member.Woof! Woof! Feelings Connected
    Defeat a boss without taking damage. Hmhm! If you can’t hit me, there’s nothing to be scared of! Flawless Return
    Fused a Sentiment to its limit. This Sentiment makes me feel at peace. Fuse Limit
    Fused Sentiments for the first time. I need to gather more Sentiments and become stronger. Fuse Sentiment
    Defeated the girl who lost sight of justice.I can’t go back either... Good Living
    Achieved MAX level. You work too hard... Growth Limit
    Received guidance from the Demons.Ahaha, too bad! We're happy though! Happy Ending?
    Achieved a 50 chain. I can keep going. Impulse
    Gave an enemy a Status Ailment. Let it haunt you, to the root of your Soul. Inflict Ailment
    Completed the Memoirs of the Dead. Don’t forget. It's the very least I can do for killing them. Memoirs of the Dead, Complete
    Defeated 5 enemies at the same time. Round 'em up! Mini Catharsis
    Modified Sentiments 30 times. I can do this with that and...I know! Mother of Sentiment Fusion
    Modified Sentiments 10 times. It’s hard to make a good one. New to Sentiment Modification
    Received guidance of Alcea. All things flow. Night turned to dawn, tears turned to smiles, and sadness turned to happiness. Panta Rhei
    Killed 1000 enemies. Now...who's next? Purgatory Crusher
    Killed 100 enemies. Don't get in my way! Purgatory Killer
    Killed 5000 enemies. I am the Executor Princess! Purgatory Reaper
    Clear all Ordeals. I don't want to know any more about this tragic world. Purgatory Walker
    Collected max amount of Torments. Please stop... this is too much... Reaching the Limit
    Collected 100000 Essence. My purpose has become collecting Essence... Revelling in Riches
    All Revenants registered onto Memoirs of the Dead. I sympathize with their pasts, but I... Revenant Completion
    Defeated the Revenant girl.The glimpse of her past revealed an innocent little girl. Revenant Girl
    Completely unlocked one person’s Memoirs of the Dead. I know all about your past. Search for the Deceased
    Transformed Sentiments 50 times. I have a feeling I’ll get it on the next one! My faith is unfounded though! Sentiment Modification Addict
    Received my younger sister's feelings....Don’t lose to all these absurdities. Sister Talk
    Released the soul of a broken friend.You're apologizing again. That's a bad habit, you know. Sorry, but...
    Used 10 consumable items. I’m not too fond of sweets. Sugar Intake
    Used 50 consumable items. That's a bit too much sugar... Sugar Loading
    Used 100 consumable items. I think I'm starting to like it... Sugar Overload
    Purified 30 Torments. I have to do I can achieve my... Tears of Bitterness
    Purified 100 Torments. Rest in peace...I’m sorry... Tears of Requiem
    Defeated the subservient Revenants.It is an honor to be defeated in her stead. The Blind Faithful
    Defeated the root of all evil.That means the true fools were... The Demise of Lies and Destruction
    Defeated the Revenant Princess.That's strange. This isn't the future I wished for. The Revenant Princess
    Reaffirmed your sister's love.Forever and ever...even in death. Together forever?
    Achieved a 100 chain. I still want more. Unending Impulse
    Purified a Torment. This is so painful. Where the Tears Lead
    Played till the end.That was fun! Let’s play again! Wild Hedonism
    Achieved a 200 chain. More... Tiny pieces.. Wild Impulse

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