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Cris Tales Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Equipment Dupe cheat (useable as of v1.03)

    Usable with any Non-bracelet piece of equipment.

    The glitch requires you to have only 1 of the item to be duplicated, and to have it equipped to a slot. For my example, I'll use a Ruby Necklace.
    1. Ensure The Ruby Necklace is equipped, in the screen it should show 'Ruby Neckace 0' then for the character.
    2. Hit X(select) to select the slot, but do not select/remove anything.
    3. Hit O (back) twice, to get to the character select slot for Equipment.
    4. Hit Select one more time to reselect the character, then again to go into the bracelet slot which should still be showing the Necklace items.
    5. Select the 'Ruby Necklace 0', which will then equip it to the Bracelet slot. Go ahead and unequip the duplicated item from the bracelet slot.

    This can be done with any necklace, boot, signet or ring item, but again only works if there is only one of them left unequipped. The steps are the same for any of them.

    Contributed by: CursedSeishi