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Cossacks: Back to War Cheats For PC

  1. Assign buildings to numbers

    Build town hall. Select it. type CTRL+ 1. From now on, just type '1' key and you get the town hall menu.
    Do the same for barracks [2], stable [3], academy [4], blacksmith [5], gun factory [6]
    Multiple buildings of the same type? select a building, do CTRL+Z to select all buildings of the same type, then do CTRL+<number> to assign your favorite number to all these buildings.
    Example. Select Stable. Press CTRL_Z to select all stables. Now press CTRL+3. Now you can call all your stables just by entering '3' on your keyboard.

    Contributed by: Zoom_Widecurve 

  2. Cossacks: Back to War Codes

    Start any game. When you are playing press enter. Type in the cheat, then press enter again.

    Effect Effect
    www activates multitvar, SUPERVIZOR and izmena
    Victory automatically win game
    multitvar Displays box with player colors
    Money More resources
    supervizor view whole game map

    Contributed by: JCDSPC, monobrow, ruskiiy, Mike_Loubet