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Contact (2006) Cheats For DS

  1. Max out your levels without dying

    When you beat the game, an extremely powerful yellow cow appears in Caladoxia Ruins. If you unlock the doors to its room and lure it to the L-shaped staircase where you leave that part of the ruins, it will not be able to attack you. You can then climb halfway down and go into battle mode, and Terry will automatically keep attacking it with any weapon. It will take a very long time to kill and his weapon rank for that weapon and strength will max out after a while.

    Contributed by: SundownKid 

  2. Unlockable items

    To unlock these special items, you must beat the game and they will appear in your inventory when you load it up again. The three records can be played on the sound system at Rizo Island.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game Cherry Sword
    Beat the game Invader Him
    Beat the game Unlock the Real Me
    Beat the game Wild NSide

    Contributed by: SundownKid 

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