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Conker's Bad Fur Day Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Skip the Intro

    Right when you turn on the game, press the Reset button on your N64. When the ''Stupid Logo'' introduction pops up, press Start right when Conker begins slicing the N logo in half. This will skip the long and somewhat boring intro you have to wait through everytime you start the game.

    Contributed by: Dallas 

  2. Become a 'spy' during War-Colors Mode

    During War-Colors Mode, if you kill 4 or more of your teammates you will be labeled a traitor, and your teammates will start to attack you. After they begin to attack you, you can go over to the opposing team's base and they will be friendly towards you. You can then kill your teammates from the opposing team's base. For example, if you are the Squirrels, and you kill four Squirrels, they will try to kill you. But, if you go over to the Teddy's base, the Teddy's will not harm you at all. From the Teddy's base you can continue to kill Squirrels. While in the Teddy's base, you CAN still kill Teddys, and they will not harm you. The one downside to this is if you touch the Teddy flag, the Teddys will be more vicious than if you were not a traitor. This also works if you were to start on the Teddy team using the same method.

    Contributed by: Ultima Wizard 

  3. Aiming Laser with Throwing Knives

    The aiming laser glitch can be activated in the multiplayer game ''raptor''. Find a cross bow and stand beside some throwing knives. Go into aiming mode, turn on the aiming laser and side-step onto the knives. When you take out the knives there should be a laser pointing at the last spot that you aimed at. This trick is especially useful in navigating the map because you can aim the laser at your base and if you are lost all you have to do is follow the laser back to safety. If the trick does not work exit the current game and start a new one. Also you should avoid using the cross-bow while the glitch is active because then it will reset.

    Contributed by: hitz30000 

  4. Banjo and Kazooie Cameo

    Banjo and Kazooie, from the popular Rare game "Banjo-Kazooie" make a cameo in Conker's Bad Fur Day at the bar. However, they've seen better days. Banjo's head is mounted above the fire place and Kazooie has been turned into an umbrella in the closet.

    Contributed by: PrinceMallow 

  5. Invincibility in War Mode

    In war mode play total war and wait until one team gets the canister (it cannot be you). As soon as the countdown begins go into the room with the gass masks and stay there. After the countdown ends you can remain in the room and you cannot be killed or damaged, except for suicide via grenades (only your own) and a few other instant death ways (such as torched by a flamethrower).

    Contributed by: BoboBobThe3rd 

  6. Torching Butterflies

    It's no huge secret that if conker stands still for about 5 seconds he starts to do something (play gameboy, yo-yo, bikini girl magazine, ETC) and eventualy get really bored (starts to whistle windy theme ETC) If you stand next to a group of butterflies (You can find some near the nasty/nice sign) Eventualy conker will whip out a flame thrower and torch the butterflies!

    Contributed by: Kraytdragon444 

  7. 10 Hidden Lives

    In the second area of the game "Barn Boys", make your way to the cheese ranch, and jump up to the back wall. Start on the left, and make your way towards the middle of the rock formation. During one of the jumps, a light bulb will appear, so press the B button and Conker will become an anvil and smash the rock below. It will open a hidden cave and reveal a normal squirrel tail, but this "special" tail will give you 10 lives instead of 1.

    Contributed by: Matrix8909 

  8. Easy game controls and difficulty:

    Enter EASY as a code.

    Contributed by: FoolishGamer 

  9. Very easy game controls and difficulty:

    Enter VERYEASY as a code.

    Contributed by: FoolishGamer 

  10. Unlimited tails:

    Find the hook on a sign in the 2nd level. Intentionally die to start the hook tutorial. The hook will now have a tail for extra lives. Take the tail and return to level 1. Return and another tail will appear on the same hook. Repeat to get as many lives as needed.

    Contributed by: FoolishGamer 

  11. Debug mode cheat

    At the main menu, go to the cheat screen and type in: XFYHIJERPWAL (space bar) IELWZS.

    Contributed by: Codyhchief117 

  12. 50 Lives

    Go to the cheat menu and enter the code.

    Effect Effect

    Contributed by: coldyron 

  13. Other Multiplayer Cheats

    Enter each of these codes by selecting the cheat option on the menu.

    Effect Effect
    SPUNKJOCKEY Matrix-style sword deaths
    DRACULASTEABAGS Use baseball bat instead of stick in Race multiplayer mode
    DUTCHOVENS Use frying pan instead of stick in RACE multiplayer mode

    Contributed by: antHraxz, Starky27, Dallas 

  14. Unlock Multiplayer characters

    Enter each of these codes by selecting the cheat option on the menu.

    Effect Effect
    EATBOX Play as Caveman in multi-player mode
    WELLYTOP Play as Conker in multiplayer
    EASTEREGGSRUS Play as Neo Conker in multiplayer
    RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE Play as Sergeant and Tedi Leader in multiplayer
    CHINDITVICTORY Play as Weasel Henchmen in multiplayer
    BEEFCURTAINS Play as Zombies and Villagers in multiplayer
    BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT Unlock Gregg in multiplayer

    Contributed by: Starky27, bananagirl, HoOteYhOo, matt91486 

  15. Unlock Stages

    Enter each of these codes by selecting the cheat option on the menu.

    Effect Effect
    WELDERSBENCH Unlock All Chapters
    CLAMPIRATE Unlock Bats Tower chapter
    BEELZEBUBSBUM Unlock It's War chapter
    MONKEYSCHIN Unlock Uga Buga chapter
    PRINCEALBERT Unlocks Barn Boys chapter
    CHOCOLATESTARFISH Unlocks Heist chapter
    ANCHOVYBAY Unlocks Slopranos chapter
    SPANIELSEARS Unlocks Spooky chapter

    Contributed by: Starky27, HoOteYhOo 

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