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Colt Canyon Cheats For PC

  1. Achievements

    Kill 1.000 enemies in total Bullets Don't Argue
    Defeat the bear using nothing but melee attacks Beast
    Kill more than 500 enemies in a single run Blood Rush
    Defeat the first boss Boss #1
    Rescue your partner without ever using a melee attack Can't Touch This
    Kill all enemies in a level using only throwable weapons Catch This!
    Have 5 or more companions follow you at once Five Man Army
    Rescue one prisoner Freedom Fighter
    Rescue 100 prisoners Freedom Hero
    Rescue 10 prisoners Freedom Warrior
    Kill more than one enemy with a single projectile Good Shot
    Rescue your partner without having any upgrades applied I'm Good, Thanks
    Reach the second area without having taken any damage Invincible
    Unlock a locked crate Lock-Picker
    Kill all enemies in a level Lonely Are The Brave
    Have 7 additional hearts Lucky 7
    Take out 15 enemies in a row with melee stealth kills without being spotted Ninja
    Revive a companion or player No Time For Dying
    Survive an ambush Not Like This!
    Rescue your partner with all 4 base characters OG Squad
    Kill more than 5 enemies with one dynamite Oops...
    Kill the first boss only using pistol-ammo weapons and without any upgrades Pistolero
    Reach your partner without being spotted by any enemies outside of boss fights or ambushes Shadow Walker
    Reach the bandit boss in under 20 minutes Speedrun
    Finish a Loop Run The Specialist
    Defeat the bear without using any dodge rolls Too Lazy
    Find yourself a companion Two Brothers, One Death
    Rescue your partner and complete the game We Did It!
    Start a Loop Run Welcome To Hard Times

    Contributed by: Hardkoroff