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Clubhouse Games Cheats For DS

  1. Get New Designs

    Just win some games of your choice to unlock these designs.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win 10 Card Games Aqua Design
    Win Mahjong Solitaire 5 Times Bamboo Design
    Win 50 Card Games Brick Design
    Win 5 Card Games Cloth Design
    Win A Game 15 Times Digital Design
    Win Koi-Koi 10 Times Fall Design
    Win 30 Card Games Marble Design
    Win Mahjong Solitaire 10 Times Mum Design
    Win a game 10 Times Paper Design
    Win Mahjong Solitaire 15 Times Plum Design
    Win 40 Card Games Space Design
    Win a game 5 Times Stone Design
    Win Koi-Koi 5 Times Summer Design
    Win Koi-Koi 15 Times Winter Design
    Win 20 Card Games Wood Design

    Contributed by: izzyke 

  2. Unlock extra color in pictochat

    You can use a special color in pictochat after you complete Stamp mode on Hard.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Stamp mode on Hard Extra pictochat color

    Contributed by: NoBullet 

  3. Unlock Games for Free Play Mode

    These Games will be available in Free Mode after you won them for the first time in Stamp Mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish Level 3 in Stamp Mode Field Tactics
    Finish Level 2 in Stamp Mode Ludo
    Finish Level 4 in Stamp Mode Shogi
    Finish Level 1 in Stamp Mode Word Balloon

    Contributed by: izzyke 

  4. Normal and Hard Modes in Stamp

    Unlocks the Normal and Hard difficulty in Stamp Mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Easy in Stamp Hard Mode
    Beat Easy in Stamp Normal Mode

    Contributed by: NiGHTS0223 

  5. Unlock Pop Background Music

    You can change the lounge music in the settings menu after accomplishing a certain task.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Mission Mode Pop BGM

    Contributed by: u8myrice 

  6. Unlock Extra Icons

    Solve the following missions to Unlock Extra icons to use as your in game avatar.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Solve Mission 25 Bowling (1 Pin x 5) Smile With Freckles Icon
    Solve Mission 21 Takeover Unlock Ant Icon
    Solve Misison 19 Koi-Koi Unlock Beetle Icon
    Solve Mission 8 NAP Unlock Cactus Icon
    Solve Misison 18 Dominoes Unlock Cake Icon
    Solve Mission 13 Turncoat Unlock Carrot Icon
    Solve Mission 26 Darts Unlock Cool Shades Smile Icon
    Solve Mission 1 I Doubt It Unlock Dog Icon
    Solve Mission 3 Spit Unlock Duck Icon
    Solve Mission 27 Darts (3 Bull's-Eyes) Unlock Female Smile Icon
    Solve Misison 11 Checkers Unlock Fire Engine Icon
    Solve Mission 28 Billiards Unlock Glasses Smile Icon
    Solve Mission 24 Bowling (3 Strikes) Unlock Goldfish Icon
    Solve Misison 12 Turncoat (All Corners) Unlock Hot Air Balloon Icon
    Solve Misison 14 Hasami Shogi Unlock Kiwifruit Icon
    Solve Mission 30 Mahjong Solitaire Unlock Make Up Smile Icon
    Solve Misison 16 Field Tactics Unlock Meat Icon
    Solve Mission 15 Backgammon Unlock Melon Icon
    Solve Mission 5 President Unlock Penguin Icon
    Solve Mission 13 Turncoat Unlock Pineapple Icon
    Solve Misison 7 Hearts Unlock Pink Flower
    Solve Misison 10 Chinese Checkers Unlock Police Car
    Solve Misison 6 Rummy Unlock Raccoon Icon
    Solve Mission 20 Word Balloon Unlock Scorpion Icon
    Solve Mission 22 Balance Unlock Sea Icon
    Solve Mission 17 Soda Shake Unlock Seafood Icon
    Solve Mission 29 Billards Unlock Smart Moncule Icon
    Solve Mission 23 Balance Unlock Starfish Icon
    Solve Mission 4 Blackjack Unlock Tiger Icon
    Solve Mission 9 Spades Unlock Toadstool Icon
    Solve Mission 2 Memory Unlocks Cat Icon

    Contributed by: izzyke, Gentleben, HarkenSlash, u8myrice, Turken42 

  7. Unlock Stamps buttton in Pictochat

    When you chat to people online from your friend list you can see a grey button button that says STAMP. This button allows you to add stamps to your pictochat area in the form of different colours and shapes. For example:

    Green Leaf, Blue Teardrop, Pink Heart, Red diamond, White spot.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Normal Stamp Mode Stamp Button in Pictochat

    Contributed by: Gentleben 

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