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Clock Tower 3 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlockables for beating the game.

    After you have successfully completed Clock Tower 3 there are a number of new options that you unlock.

    1. There is a new option on the Title Screen called ''Cinema Theatre.'' With this option you can view every Cut-Scene from the game and also view production art of the game.

    2.When you load your data from your previous game you will start the new game with a key to the wardrobe in Alyssa's room. You can choose from 5 outfits to wear: Greek Style Dress, Blue Sailor School Uniform, White Sailor School Uniform, Santa's helper / Mrs. Clause Costume, Default Private School Uniform.

    Contributed by: irish77 

  2. Art Gallery

    After beating the game, you can also access artwork featuring character and pre-production area designs. To access the art gallery, press R1 when in the cinema viewer.

    Contributed by: shivalva 

  3. Unlockables for beating the American Version

    In addition to the cinema theatre, in the American, the following costumes are available from the costume closet: A blue cowgirl outfit, her toga from the end of the game, a set of roman armor, a black, rather revealing club type outfit, and her standard school uniform.

    Contributed by: PacManFan4evr 

  4. Clear mode

    Finish the game to unlock Clear mode. This mode is a more difficult version of the game where enemies have more powerful weapons and Alyssa's panic goes to full when surprised.

    Contributed by: Sinister187 

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