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Chrome SpecForce Cheats For PC

  1. Use these cheats to Aid Logan in the mission

    During game play, press ~, enter a cheat, then press enter. Cheats are case sensitive and should be entered in full, including the double parentheses. If the item can not fit in your inventory, it will be dropped on the floor besides you.

    Effect Effect
    Cheat.GiveAmmo12mmShort() 12mm
    Cheat.GiveAmmo14mmLong() 14mm Sniper Ammo
    Cheat.GiveKnife() 150 Damage 1m range
    Cheat.GiveAmmo8mmLong() 8mm ammo
    Cheat.GiveClusterGrenade() Banana Bomb
    Cheat.GiveOCS() Energy Charger
    Cheat.FullHealth() Fills up your health meter
    Cheat.GiveAmmo9mmShort() for pistols
    Cheat.GiveTAINitron() Gives a Green machine sniper
    Cheat.GiveOCIX4() Gives a railgun type weapon.
    Cheat.GiveBjornHD() Gives a Revolver
    Cheat.GiveNoNFrager() Gives a Shotgun
    Cheat.GiveC9S() Gives a Silenced Uzi
    Cheat.GiveC9A5() Gives a Uzi
    Cheat.GiveMatsonACC() Gives a zoomable(4x) sniper rifle
    Cheat.GiveOCICrom() Gives a zoomable(8x) sniper rifle
    Cheat.GiveLeRogue() Gives an explosive energy gun
    Cheat.GiveAmmoEnergy() Gives energy ammo for weapons
    Cheat.GiveHealtex() Gives you a med pack
    Cheat.NextMission() Jumps to the next mission
    Cheat.GiveAmmoRockets() Rocket Ammo
    Cheat.GiveAmmoShotgun() Shotgun Shells
    Cheat.GiveTC234Sup() Silenced Pistol
    Cheat.GiveGrenade() Standard Grenade
    Cheat.GiveTC234() Starting Pistol
    Cheat.GiveMatsonCAFS() Starting Rifle
    Cheat.GiveGLDragoon() Starting Rocket Launcher
    Cheat.GiveMAXatron() Starting Sniper Rifle
    Cheat.GodMode() Take no Damage

    Contributed by: snowdoggieii, KiteKatolia