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Chameleon Twist Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Bonus Pool Game

    If you have 50 crowns, in the stage The Ghost Castle, do not go up the stairs to the first room. Go to the rabbit. You should see a locked door. Go through the locked door and you can play pool.

    Contributed by: matt91486 

  2. Secret Boss Mode

    Get at least 20 crowns on each level and a question mark box will appear. Select it to get the secret boss mode where you can replay each boss.

    Contributed by: brak2000 

  3. Bonus Levels

    To access the bonus stage of a level simply collect all of the crowns in that area and defeat the boss in that stage.

    Contributed by: bigboss233 

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General FAQs FAQ by brak2000 30K