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CASE 2: Animatronics Survival Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 18 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Finish the first episode "I believe that I can fly"
    Activate the easter eggs with a switch "You are not ready"
    My Acoins Acoin
    Distract the owl with a tablet Advanced user
    Die from the generator Danger! Keep out!
    Not so easy, right? Easy way
    50 times to defeat the survivors Game Over
    Beat in the quicktime event of the animatronic 25 times Get out
    Win in quicktime event by playing animatronic 25 times Gotcha
    Meet animatronic cat Hello kitty
    Find a crowbar in stock Oh yeah this is a crowbar!
    Take the key card from the cat Pull the cat by the tail
    To perish from a jump into a pit Researcher
    Hit the animatronic with a shock pistol 50 times Short circuit
    Win 50 times playing for the survivor The rescue
    To perish from an owl Uuuuhuu!
    Collect all coins What are you buyen?
    Owl in the Hat World of the wild west

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer