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Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! Cheats For DS

  1. Brain Age Check Selection Menu

    After selecting your save file, proceed to the Daily Training Menu.

    Effect Effect
    Hold the select button while choosing Brain Age Check. Dr. Kawashima will say that you have entered the Brain Age Check selection menu. This allows you to choose the order of the Brain Age Check tests.

    Contributed by: CaffeineGunman 

  2. Daily Training's Training Unlockables

    Perform the following tasks in order to unlock new contents.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 11 stamps or score below 90 seconds Hard mode for Calculations x 100 game
    Get 09 stamps Hard mode for Head Count game
    Get 17 stamps Hard mode for Triangle Math game
    Get 03 stamps Head Count game
    Get 01 stamp Low to High game
    Get 07 stamps Stamp Designer Option
    Get 02 stamps Syllable Count game
    Get 15 stamps Time Lapse game
    Get 05 stamps Tips Option
    Get 13 stamps Triangle Math game
    Get 20 stamps Voice Calculation game

    Contributed by: Mykas0 

  3. Sudoku Advance Mode

    Complete an intermediate puzzle in under 15 minutes and Advance mode is opened. The % of Sudoku complete on your account makes no difference.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Intermediate puzzle in less than 15:00 Sudoku Advance Mode

    Contributed by: wubbh 

  4. Top 3 Lists

    After selecting your file.

    Effect Effect
    Hold select while tapping the "Graph" menu item. View the top 3 lists for every training activity as well as the brain age check activities.

    Contributed by: The Mystical One 

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