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Brain Age Express: Math Cheats For DS

  1. Challenge Mode

    Get a Brain Age score of 20.

    Contributed by: georgethecow4 

  2. Make Ruyta Kawashima's Head Triplicate

    When you're in the Main Menu of the game, speak to Ryuta through the Microphone of your DS and say "Brain" "Age" "Express" in that same order. When you say the three words right he'll get surprised and his head will triplicate.

    Contributed by: Metal_Cyborg 

  3. Unlockable Games and Modes

    You can get 1 stamp every day for doing a training minigame. Note that to play Virus Buster, you must have earned a stamp for that day.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 5 Stamps Battle Mode for Sum Totaled Minigame
    Get 1 Stamp By the Numbers Minigame
    Get 23 Stamps Calculations X 100 Hard Mode
    Get 10 Stamps Change Maker Minigame
    Get 17 Stamps Change Pin Tip Mode
    Get 15 Stamps Comment Settings
    Get 30 Stamps Multi Tasker Hard Mode
    Get 25 Stamps Multi Tasker Minigame
    Complete any 3 Themes Slideshow Mode
    Get 3 Stamps Stamp Design Mode
    Get 7 Stamps Tips Mode
    Get 28 Stamps Triangle Math Hard Mode
    Get 20 Stamps Triangle Minigame
    Get 12 Stamps Virus Buster Minigame

    Contributed by: georgethecow4 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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