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BOXBOY! Cheats For 3DS

  1. Zombie Skin is invincible

    If you purchase and use the Zombie skin you will actually become invincible to all kinds of spikes and those black bubbling cloud things -however if you fall in those you can become stuck and have to reset (L + R). It doesn't seem the other skins have this feature

    Contributed by: cyphus 

  2. Clear Data

    Hold ABXY when the game boots up (after the 3DS logo disappears).

    Contributed by: WarioFan63 

  3. Marathon Mode and Play Stats

    Complete all the levels in the game to unlock Marathon Mode and Play Stats for each world.

    Contributed by: WarioFan63 

  4. Costumes

    Complete every world (including the 5 bonus worlds.) King Costume
    Collect every crown in the game. Legendary King Costume

    Contributed by: LaytonmanII