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Bomberman Party Edition Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Fury Bomb

    In Battle Mode, when two Rubber Bombs collide, usually by being kicked, they will fuse together into the "fury" bomb, which is easily recognizable by the ominous skull painted on the face of the bomb.
    The fury bomb explodes in all directions--that is to say that it explodes in such a way that it bypasses surrounding pathways around the bomb, regardless of soft or hard blocks in the area. The circular blast radius is calculated by the average fire-power of both bombs. If your bomb collides with an enemy bomb, the average of your two fire-powers will decide how big the fury bomb's blast will be.
    This weapon is especially useful in clearing out large amounts of soft blocks, or especially effective in confusing and annihilating the enemy.

    Contributed by: Syffer Bidan 

  2. Super Bomb

    Much like the fury bomb in nature, the super bomb is created by kicking two normal bombs into one another. Unlike the fury bomb, both bombs must collide via a kick, not a throw or punch.
    Once both bombs have collided, the super bomb will remain idle for three seconds before detonating. This bomb may be kicked; however, due to its weight, it is slow moving and is unable to be punched or thrown. The blast detonates with full power and is several blocks wide, making it a devistating weapon.

    Contributed by: Syffer Bidan 

  3. Ultra Bomb

    Not really a weapon as much as a funny gimmick, the ultra bomb is created through the near impossible fusion of two super bombs.
    To create an ultra bomb, kick two bombs into eachother to create a super bomb; repeat this process again, so that two super bombs are formed. Finally, kick both super bombs into one another to create an ultra bomb. Time is of the essence, as it is both critical that the two super bombs do not go off and that you and your partners are far away from the ultra bomb before it too explodes.
    The ultra bomb is best made with the aid of two or three bombermen to ensure its creation. Once created, it is certainly recommended that there are no soft blocks anywhere on the map, so that you and your accomplices can flee from the ultra bomb's ludicrously huge explosion radius.
    The bomb explodes at full power, not only destroying multiple alley-ways and any soft block in its path, but it also explodes outwards in a semi-circular pattern. Hiding behind hard blocks will not save your bomberman, as the flames will find your character regardless of what is in its path. It is just best not to be anywhere near the bomb before it explodes.
    Please note that this bomb cannot be moved by any means, and once it rests in its point of creation, it is there to stay until it errupts violently.
    An ultra bomb can be distinguished by its humorously huge size.

    Contributed by: Syffer Bidan 

  4. Show Time Event Passwords

    Effect Effect
    3G59E326 10
    3D5D49C4 20
    8D5A4B26 30
    8D5A4BCE 40

    Contributed by: Swiftshark 

  5. Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following at the password screen:

    Effect Effect
    49894989 Alternate Block Location for Advanced Mode
    56565656 Alternate Block Location for Beginner Mode
    16161616 Alternate Block Location for Normal Mode
    09f1bopcv Finish the game
    46224622 Full Power Stage 1
    10191019 Full Power Stage 11
    12221222 Full Power Stage 21
    26572657 Full Power Stage 31
    38793879 Full Power Stage 41
    93EB0G97 Full power Stage 50 (Modern)
    93EB0G93 Full power Stage 50 (Retro)

    Contributed by: Asch The Hated, OmniMirror, KasketDarkfyre, Crazy AJ 

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