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Blood & Truth Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    20 Headshot kills in one mission 20 Headshot Kills in one mission
    30 Headshot kills in one mission 30 Headshot kills in one mission
    Use the code to get access to the Vault room when you break into Tony's Gallery at night All Tony's Vault
    Paint a weapon at the Mod Bench Artist With a Gun
    Recover from less than 5% health Back from the dead
    Shoot Tony in the balls during the last mission Below the belt
    Adjust a vehicle's radio whilst in combat Change your Tune
    Kill the enemy in the Helicopter during The Ascent Chopper Boss
    Jump from the collapsing building Definitely Condemned Now
    Kill all enemies while escaping the collapsing tower block after rescuing Anne Demolition Derby
    Flip Tony the bird before killing him during the last mission Disrespect Tony
    Blow the generator Dude Where's My Plane?
    Jump to the Plane Found My Mark
    Earn all weapons, weapons mods and gun skins Full Arsenal
    Make it to the helicopter Get to the Chopper
    Get to the security office without being detected during the Hangar job Going Commando
    Hit every marksman target across all missions Good hunting
    Find all the collectable toys in the game Got, got, need
    Catch or pick up an Enemies Grenade and throw it back to kill an enemy Here, Catch!
    Collect all VR Worlds statues in the game. I Loved that Game
    Jump from the balcony to the zip wire Leap of Faith
    Don’t shoot at Tony during the last mission Make him talk
    Take the glasses from Nick, and put them on during the planning of the Gallery recon Master of Disguise
    Use the mod bench to adapt a weapon Modder
    Kill an enemy while hanging from monkey bars in the derelict tower block Monkey with a gun
    Find and defuse both alarmed boxes during a single playthrough of The Belly of the Beast No Alarms
    Complete The Ascent in normal difficulty without dying No death playthrough
    Trigger the flashing lights on a wastepaper bin Nothing but net
    Kill all enemies whilst chasing Keach during the Casino mission Outta My Way
    Precision Kill a Biker to send him over the handle bars Over the handlebars
    Obtain all the trophies Platinum Trophy
    Accept Carson's Deal by shaking his hand in The Deal Ready and Willing
    Accept Carson's deal but refuse to shake his hand in The Deal Reluctant partners
    Devil horn hand gesture while being electrocuted Ride the Current
    Get a kill with every weapon in the game except the MiniGun Ryan Marksman
    Use the DJ decks during the shootout in the casino Scratching and Shooting
    Move to the side door of the Van Sliding Doors
    Achieve 5 or more kills while in precision mode Sloooooow Mo
    Get 5 stars for a Score in any mission Smashed it
    Slot in the USB drive Starting Upload
    Complete the Story Story Complete
    Achieve 6 consecutive headshot kills The Bogey man
    Crash through the gates during Mission 3 There Goes My No-Claims
    Use the Paint gun on Tony's portrait Touching-Up Tony
    Spin the pistol and immediately kill an enemy Trick Shot
    Kill multiple enemies with a grenade Two birds, one stone
    Don’t die whilst the Trojan from the USB stick is uploading during The Belly of the Beast Upload Complete
    Don't hurt Keach during the chase and interrogation in the Casino mission We Need Him Alive
    Detonate the C4 to escape the Casino Wheel of Mis-Fortuna

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold