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Bless Unleashed Cheats For Xbox One

  1. Achievements

    Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

    Complete the Sidequest "No Worse for Wear." A Mutual Understanding
    Complete the Sidequest "The Tale of Rene Mirian." A Tragic Retelling
    Fully upgrade 5 Blessings with the same character (excluding Gift of Valor). A Very Particular Set of Skills
    Equip 8 items with altered appearances on the same character. A Whole New You
    Complete all Kannus Mountains and Kannus Valley Campaign Quests with the same character. A World in Peril
    Complete 50 Sidequests with the same character. Adventure is Everywhere
    Acquire 50 Letters with the same character. All-knowing Archivist
    Unlock a new Blessing (excluding Gift of Valor). An Ancient Power
    Collect every page of "The Journey Home" with the same character. An Anonymous Odyssey
    Achieve Character Level 20. Ardent Adventurer
    Kill 100 players in the Battlefield with the same character. Battlefield Warrior
    Activate the gem effects for both accessory slots at once. Bedazzled
    Defeat 7 different Field Bosses with the same character. Big Game Hunter
    Spend 10,000 Victory Tokens on Battlefield Items with the same character. Blood Money
    Expand your bag by 20 slots with a the same character. Bottomless Backpack
    Unlock five Blessings with one character (excluding Gift of Valor). Bountiful Blessings
    Collect every page of "Talbor Tamit's Musings" with the same character. Encyclopedia Historia
    Complete all Gnoll Wastes, Tristezza, and Padana Campaign Quests with the same character. Facing the Faceless
    Defeat the Bone Dragon. Fossil Fanatic
    Attempt to Fortify 30 Rare-grade or higher items with the same character. Gaining Strength
    Complete 10 Time Trials with the same character. Gotta Go Fast
    Attain the highest possible reputation with Ordo University. Graduated with Honors
    Level up a Combo skill. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
    Recruit 100 Estate Workers with the same character. Help Wanted
    Wear Rare-grade or higher equipment in every slot. In Rare Form
    Achieve Character Level 40. Living Legend
    Collect an Ancient Treasure Chest. Lucky Find
    Obtain 30 Mounts for your Stable. Mini Menagerie
    Travel 42.195 km while mounted with the same character. Mounted Marathon
    Rescue players from Near Death 20 times with the same character. On Your Feet, Soldier
    Achieve Character Level 30. Peerless Professional
    Unlock the second stage of your Estate. Room to Grow
    Win 10 matches in a Battlefield with the same character. Seasoned Leader
    Complete 50 Crusades with the same character. Servant of the Gods
    Activate 60 Soul Pyres and 70 Teleposts with the same character. Shrine Hunter
    Obtain a mount. Sure Beats Walking
    Clear the Infernal Kitchen and the Altar of Blood with the same character. Testing the Waters
    Kill a monster showing a Gear Score Warning. That Tickles
    Unlock the fifth stage of your Estate. The Architect
    Fully upgrade a Blessing's skills (excluding Gift of Valor). The Best Blessed
    Spend 10,000 Star Seeds recovering from Near Death with the same character. Too Rich to Die
    Find 100 Private Treasure Chests with the same character. Treasure Hunter
    Complete the Campaign Quest "A Jungle Expedition." Welcome to the Jungle

    Contributed by: Similac