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Birthdays the Beginning Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Birthdays the Beginning (PS4)

    Captured the primordial plant, Prototaxites. "Even bacteria can get big if they unite as one!"
    Captured the giant panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca. "I don't attract too much attention, do I...?"
    Captured the ancient pachyderm, Mammuthus. "I just want to eat grass and be left alone."
    Captured the ancient fish, Latimeria. "I prefer to keep to myself."
    Captured the ancient bird-lizard, Archaeopteryx. "I wish I could fly!"
    Captured the domesticated dog, Canis familiaris. "I'll follow you anywhere, master!"
    Captured the elusive Nessie. "It's hard to hide all the time, y'know?"
    Captured the terrible lizard, Tyrannosaurus. "Me, a tyrant? Oh, that simply will not do."
    Captured the prehistoric fish, Coelacanthus. "My kind is still alive to this day."
    Captured the Grand Watcher, Smilodon rex. "My mane is a testament to my power."
    Captured an ammonite. "My shell is tough!"
    Captured the giant squid, Architeuthis. "My tentacles extend to every corner of the deep sea."
    Captured the primitive dragonfly, Meganeura. "We were the first to fly!"
    Captured the olive tree, Olea. A Blessed Tree
    Captured your first organism. Amateur Photographer
    Made the entire Cube into sea. Aquahexahedron
    Cleared all challenges. Challenge Master
    Achieved Cube temperature below 0°C. Cool as a Cube-cumber
    Exceeded 10 billion total organisms. Cramped Cube
    Exceeded 1 billion total organisms. Crowded Cube
    Used an item for the first time. Cubecraft
    Captured the stench blossom, Rafflesia. Doesn't It Smell Good?
    Captured a 9-star rarity organism. Great Photographer
    Obtained all trophies. Happy Birthday Cube Master!
    Achieved Cube temperature of 60°C. In-cube-ator
    Captured an SS-sized organism. Landed a Big One
    Cleared with a result of 4 stars. Little Star
    Cleared Scenario 1. Livable Land?
    Made the highest mountain on the largest Cube. No Mountain Too Steep
    Made the deepest sea on the largest Cube. No Sea Too Deep
    Cleared with a result of 5 stars. Perfect Star
    Accumulated over 100 billion total Cube Years. Riding the Waves of Time
    Cleared Scenario 3. Rise of Humanity
    Captured every organisms. Super Photographer
    Obtained "Aquahexahedron" and made the entre Cube into land. Terrahexahedron
    Cleared 1 challenge. The Challenge Begins
    Accumulated over 10 billion total Cube Years. The Ripples of Time
    Cleared Scenario 4. To Prosperity and Beyond
    Accumulated over 500 million total Cube Years in Free Play mode. Too Much Time on Your Hands
    Raised Avatar's level to max. Up and Down Master
    Moved terrain over 10,000 times. Up Up Down Down Up Down Down Up...
    Moved terrain over 1,000 times. Up! Down! Up! Down!
    Cleared Scenario 2. When Dinosaurs Roamed the Cube

    Contributed by: Xeowulf