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Bio Menace Episode 1 - Dr. Mangle's Lab Cheats For PC

  1. Access Debug Mode

    If you have the Bio Menace Freeware version from 3D Realms, you can unlock a debug mode. Unlike Commander Keen Episodes IV-VI (which use the same engine), you have to use a multilayered approach to gain access to it. First, type in the following. Press C+O+D to bring up a window saying "CODE:". Enter the code 91827. THen it J+I+M+Space all at the same time. "Debug keys active!" should Display. Then enter the following key combinations

    Effect Effect
    F10+C Active/inactive object count
    F10+V Add extra VBLs (Vertical Blanking Loop? Waits for this many CRT retraces in each game loop)
    F10+B Change Border Color
    F10+M Display memory usage
    F10+E End/finish level (will execute TED5 again if run from TED5)
    F10+I Free items (no message displayed) - 90 bullets, one clip, 99 grenades (green only), 99 keys, 99 access cards, all crystal shards, all items and 1UP
    F10+G God mode on/off (invincibility)
    F10+J Jump cheat (in limited 'Keen Dreams' mode)
    F10+N No clipping
    F10+P Pause game (unlike the Pause key, doesn't display a message and leaves the music going.)
    F10+D Record a demo (or if recording a demo, save it)
    F10+Y Show hidden passage
    F10+S Slow motion
    F10+T Sprite test: Tile information (use left/right arrows to view all tiles/sprites)
    F10+Z Suicide code/Kill player (only if God Mode is off)
    F10+W Warp to a level

    Contributed by: ShiroKusanagi 

  2. Push-button manuvers

    While in game, use the following movements to preform special abilities

    Effect Effect
    Tap left-right repeatedly (6 or 7 times), then [jump] Brief electron shield - hurts enemies
    Hold up 3 seconds, then press down Brief invincibility
    Tap left-right repeatedly (6 or 7 times), then [fire] Shoot fireballs to sides
    Hold up 3 seconds (charge sound heard), then [fire] Shoot plasma bolt - hurts self 1 damage

    Contributed by: ezra64 

  3. Cheats

    Press the keys at the same time to activate the following cheat.

    Effect Effect
    [C] [A] [T] Get the machine gun, 99 ammo, and 99 grenades

    Contributed by: XxThunderxX 

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