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Beeftacular Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Kill a target in front and back of you in one jump 360° No Scope
    Play a custom level Adventure Time
    Create a nice, custom level in the editor Architect
    Kill a target by shooting a projectile through a portal As planned
    Complete 100 speedruns Beeftacular Veteran
    Create a big custom level Big plans
    Do more than 15 consecutive walljumps Climber
    (no description) Close One
    Kill a target using a falling wall Crushed
    Complete 10 custom levels that were created by other players Custom Level Expert
    Complete 100 custom levels that were created by other players Custom Level Master
    Create 10 custom levels Designer
    Kill all targets of a level using projectiles only Don't touch me
    Do a ranged double kill Double Kill
    (no description) Dried out
    Publish 15 nice custom levels in the Steam Workshop Famous Designer
    Do three double kills in one level Full House
    Be fast Gotta Go Fast
    Play for 2 hours straight Highscore Hunting
    (no description) Interested
    Complete a secret level Just a level
    Kill a target using a projectile while falling KQLY
    Kill a target that is not on screen Luck or Skill?
    Destroy a destructible wall using your body only Maybe gained some weight
    Finish the first 45 official classic levels Medium
    Complete a speedrun One after the other
    Get more than 10 ranged kills in one level Projectile Rain
    (no description) Ragequit
    (no description) Slashed
    Less than one second difference to the current world record Soon
    High speed crash against a wall That hurt!
    Jump through a laserbeam where you can still feal the heat Timing
    Do a ranged triple kill Triple Kill
    Finish all 90 official classic levels Well Done
    Find a secret in a level What's this?

    Contributed by: darkknight109