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Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Random Select

    Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the character select and press any button.

    Contributed by: ruhztee 

  2. Loading Screen Color

    Press any button at the ''Now Loading'' screen to change the color.

    Contributed by: ruhztee 

  3. Faster Credits

    To make the credits scroll more quickly, hold down the Start button.

    Contributed by: ElementalKnight 

  4. Hidden Special Attacks

    After beating the game with Naru, have the R1 and R2 buttons set to do special attacks. In battle press R1 and R2 at the same time and the character will do a special attack. Note: It does not work with all characters.

    Contributed by: BVMatt 

  5. Unlimited Soul Bombs

    Press Start to pause a match. Use the controller configuration options to map the shoulder buttons to Soul Bombs. Resume the game and press one of the shoulder buttons and X simultaneously to release a Soul Bomb. That button combination may used unlimited times during a match.

    Contributed by: freakunique 

  6. Manual Camera Control

    Enter the button configuration menu, highlight any shoulder button, and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. The controls for the shoulder buttons will now change to camera view controls.

    Contributed by: freakunique 

  7. Unlockable Sub-Bosses

    Unlock the following Sub-Bosses by beating the game with the initially playable characters(Chaos, Gaia, Ellis, etc.) on Normal(Level 3) difficulty or greater.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game with Rungo Iron Adam
    Beat the game with Ellis Atahua
    Beat the game with Duke B. Rambert Balga
    Beat the game with Bay Hou Cuiling
    Beat the game with David Judgement
    Beat the game with Eiji Shinjou Leon
    Beat the game with Shizuku Fuji Miss Til
    Beat the game with Tracy Rachael
    Beat the game with Chaos Schultz
    Beat the game with Gaia Tau
    Beat the game with Kayin Amoh Ten Count
    Beat the game with Mondo Toujin
    Beat the game with Nagisa Iwashiro Vermillion
    Beat the game with Sofia Zola

    Contributed by: JosephLithius 

  8. Unlock Alternate Costumes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete the game with either Naru or Shou at level 7. Alternate Costumes

    Contributed by: Robshi 

  9. Clean Pause

    Effect Effect
    When paused press and hold Circle, Triangle, Square, X, and press Select. Press Select again to remove the Life and Over Drive meters. To return to the normal pause screen repeat the code while pressing Select once. Clean Pause

    Contributed by: ruhztee 

  10. Unlockable Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game with Shou Shinjo at level 7 difficulty. Play as Abel
    Beat the game with Veil at level 7 difficulty. Play as Naru Amoh
    To select Shou Shinjo, unlock all sub-bosses, then beat the game at level 3 difficulty or higher with Vermillion. Play as Shou Shinjo
    Beat the game with any initially selectable character at level 3 difficulty or higher. Play as Sub-bosses
    Beat the game with Abel at level 7 difficulty. Play as Veil

    Contributed by: ruhztee 

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