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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Passwords (only Easy Mode)

    You'll see

    Palace, Anika 3x BOSS BATTLE (the easiest to remember)
    Cloud Palace, Ogre, Brietta (Pegasus), Ogre Cloud Palace A
    Wand of Light, Brietta, Ogre, Palace Cloud Palace B(this is where the dress mini game bottun is)
    Wand, Brietta, Palace, Brietta Cloud Palace C (Mini Boss)
    Anika, Palace, Anika, Wenlock Flight A
    Anika, Palace, Ogre, Wand Flight B
    Wenlock, Wand, Palace, Ogre Flight C
    Wand, Anika, Palace x2 Forbidden Forest A
    Wand, Wenlock, Anika, Wand Forbidden Forest B
    Ogre, Anika, Brietta, Anika Forbidden Forest C
    Palace, Wenlock, Ogrex2 Glacier Land A
    Wand, Wenlock, Anika x2 Glacier Land B
    Brietta Anika Palace Wenlock Glacier Land C
    Anika x2, Wand, Anika Snow Village A
    Anika, Wand, Palace, Wenlock Snow Village B
    Palace, Anika x2, Wand Snow Village C (Mini Boss)

    Contributed by: YourRealNemesis