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Azur Lane: Crosswave Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    You've defeated countless enemies! "A Mighty Warrior!"
    Strengthened a Skill! "Aim for 100 Points!"
    You've seen every character's Episodes! "All, Have Assembled"
    You completed a rigging change! "It's an Allowance from Home"
    You achieved victory with an excellent rank! "Not as Good as Sis, But..."
    You've succeeded in Cognition Awakening! "Pudding of Congratulations!"
    You've acquired a very rare piece of equipment! "There's Room For Improvement!"
    You purchased goods from Shiranui! "We Also Have Discounts..."
    You responded to Akashi's request! "You're Doing Well, Nya!"
    You've completed Chapter 1's report! Chapter 1 Complete
    You've completed Chapter 2's report! Chapter 2 Complete
    You've completed Chapter 3's report! Chapter 3 Complete
    You've completed Chapter 4's report! Chapter 4 Complete
    You've completed Chapter 5's report! Chapter 5 Complete
    You've completed Chapter 6's report! Chapter 6 Complete
    You've completed the Gallery Mode! Collector of Paradise
    You've viewed the ending of Story Mode! Duty of the Home Port Watcher
    You've completed the Final Chapter's report!! Final Chapter Complete
    You've repelled all rival fleets! Guardian of the Blue Route
    Brave new waters with your excellent Secretary Ship! I'll Work My Hardest
    You've made your first Pledge! Pledge to the Rose Goddess
    Report: Recording Initialized. Prologue Complete
    You've just started the fun days with your Secretary Ship. Skinship is Necessary
    You've added a new ally! Taking Up the Post!
    You've completed Azur Lane: Crosswave! The Azure You Obtained
    You achieved victory with the highest rank! The Greatest Results of Battle
    You've viewed all events that can occur in Story Mode! The One Who Sees All

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