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Arc the Lad Collection Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Arc The Lad:Slime Time! Bonus Game

    At The Making of Arc the Lad collection menu press:
    Circle,Circle,X,Square,Square,Triangle,Circle,X,Square and then Start. Arc the Lad Slime Time! pops up. It's a one/two player checker game staring your favorite slimes.

    Contributed by: vegeta2015 

  2. "Special" Message...

    Pop in the ''Making of'' disc. On Chapter 5, wait for 1 minute and 28 seconds, and press pause. There you go.

    Contributed by: Omni Tattered Devil 

  3. PSX CD Debug

    On the Makeing of Arc the Lad CD, press Circle, Square, Circle 7 times and then Square. this will take you to a menu where you can look at the contents of a PSX CD.

    Use the control pad to highlight and item, and X to run the selected file. To look at whats on another CD, replace the CD and press Start. This will change the screen and will show whats on the CD. From here, you can acess secrets, endings, or mini-games from the CD. Example: You can view the Babe Viewer on the Blasto CD.

    CAUTION: While this is really cool, this can this can completely SCREW UP you memory card if you try to save your game with all that you've accessed. I would advise you to take out your memory card and do stuff

    Sony or anyone else dose not aprove of this because you are toying around with there games and you are responsable if any thing screwy happens.

    Contributed by: cool player 

  4. Unlocking Character And Summon Battles.

    To unlock the Character and Summon battle modes in Arc Arena, Beat all of the 3-Team battles in Battle Arena.

    Contributed by: Correy 

  5. Duplicating Items

    Alright, in order to do this you will need the following.

    Two Arc the Lad II saves with Lieza in your party.
    Arc Arena game disc.
    Memory card x2.

    (Assuming Player 1 is receiving the item you wish to duplicate.)
    Alright control player 2, then head to the item trading shop. Once you are there have player 2, give player 1 the item that you want to duplicate. Once this is done head to the Arena and talk to Sania make player 1 save, and make player 2 load. You now have two of the item you duplicated. (Note: You will have to get the item you duplicated off player 1's inventory.)

    Contributed by: Correy 

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