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Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. One-Item Multi-Equipping & Unlimited Cash Glitch

    One-Item Multi-Equipping Glitch
    Note: Works only on JPN version of "Ar Tonelico II" currently.

    This glitch allows you to have one of any particular equipment and be able to equip to all characters that can use it.

    01) Make sure that chosen equipment is not equipped on anyone.
    02) Go to the Items menu and to the Equipment section.
    03) Choose that equipment you want to use for the glitch.
    04) When you choose that equipment, it should open the party screen menu.
    05) Equip on all characters at that party screen (assuming they can equip it).

    This trick will put that equipment amount into the negative (since it is not possible to equip that one equipment on multiple characters).

    Extra Notes:
    - You can't use this glitch if member with that "equipment" is not in your party (since you must un-equip before doing the glitch).
    - This glitch doesn't work if you try to equip it normally via the Equip Menu option, since it accurately keeps track the amount of that equipment you have.

    Unlimited Cash Glitch
    Requirement: Must perform the "One-Item Multi-Equipping" glitch
    Note: Works only on JPN version of "Ar Tonelico II" currently.
    Credit to Dragnfly to first test and confirm the Unlimited Cash works.

    Sell that equipment (that was used for the "One-Item Multi-Equip" glitch) at the stores unlimited amount of times due to the negative total count.

    Contributed by: Master LL 

  2. Extra Menu

    Beat the game once and make a clear save. This will give you access to the Extra's menu in the main title screen. Once a clear game flag is created, any subsequent replays of the game will accumulate any unique talk matters, monster information, I.P.D etc.. that was missed on your first run.

    The following information is unlocked once the game is cleared:

    Database - Database that was accessible during the game, which has all the monsters, character profiles, I.P.D. listing, Help Files etc.

    Reyvatail Information - Gives information of each Reyvatail and gives details on the following cleared information:
    - Number of Song Magic unlocked
    - Cosmosphere clear LVL
    - Number ofCostumes unlocked
    - Talk Matter/Cosmosphere percentage completion

    Event Viewer:
    - Talk Matter event viewer for each of the Reyvatails (shows percentage completion)
    - Heroine Matter event viewer for each paired Reyvatails (shows percentage completion)
    - Cosmosphere Viewer lets you replay cleared comosphere of each Reyvatail
    - Infel Sphere Viewer lets you replay cleared Infel Sphere for each Reyvatail

    - Picture Gallery
    - In game Music
    - Hymnose Scores

    Contributed by: MaverickHL 

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