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Animal Well Cheats For PlayStation 5

  1. Cheaters Ring

    There is a secret item called the "cheaters ring" that can only be obtained by either hacking the game or by doing unintended behavior such as wrong-warping. It is located in the room in the 6th row and 2nd column of the map (starting at the top left), in a small exitless room underneath the platform on the left. Once you have it, you can move through walls by pressing F on a keyboard or the right stick button on a controller. Note that going to certain locations not normally accessible will make one of the later puzzles in the game unsolvable.

    Contributed by: duggie2 

Animal Well Cheats For PC

  1. Bubble warping

    This glitch lets you warp to different rooms than intended. Stand on the ground with a bubble underneath part of your character. Play a song on the flute, leaving out the last note. Pause the game and see if the bubble is a circle. If it's not, repeat this step until it is. Hold down the item button and the direction for the final note, then unpause the game. Your warp will go to the horizontal coordinate to the usual warp location while keeping the vertical coordinate the same as where you are warping from.

    Contributed by: duggie2 

  2. Extended ASCII messages

    There are hidden messages with "Code page 437"-like characters hidden in the game. There are no in-games clues as to how to find them, but they do lead to another secret (not listed here).

    Eat 100 blue berries at full health without taking damage. Berries message
    Get the wheel before freeing all the kittens. Bobcat message
    Get hit by the chameleon 8 times without dying. Chameleon message
    Reach the second clock in under 1 hour. Clock message
    Exhaust the hummingbird. Hummingbird message
    Use firecrackers on a kangaroo when it can't escape. Kangaroo message
    Hidden in the pedometer. Pedometer message
    Get nuts five times in the same save file. Squirrel message

    Contributed by: duggie2 

  3. Character Codes

    The following codes change the appearance of the main character. The character goes back to normal when they move. The codes must be entered while standing on the ground.

    Hold jump button for 5 seconds Turn into the main character from Tunic
    Hold jump, cancel, and item buttons for 5 seconds Turn into the main character from Tunic

    Contributed by: duggie2