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Amped 2 Cheats For Xbox

  1. Various game enhancing cheats.

    To be entered in the cheats menu at the Cheats screen under Options.

    The textbox will go blank when a valid cheat is entered and make an error sound when an invalid cheat is entered.
    Cheats are case sensitive

    Effect Effect
    Radical 80's Snowboarder
    AllMyPeeps All secret boarders
    BrotherOfYeti Bigfoot Character
    FunnyBone Bones
    AllIce Courses are all icy
    NoCheats Deactivate Cheats
    FrostByte Frosty Jack
    GetOffMyLand Hermit Joe
    LowGravity Low Gravity
    MaxSkills Max out rider stats
    MoCapMan MoCap
    NoCollisions No Collisions with other riders
    AllLevels Open all levels
    FastMove Rider moves faster
    DontCrash Rider never crashes
    MetalMaam Shiny Gal Character
    SuperSpin Spin Faster
    ChillinWSteezy Steezy the Penguin
    Bunny Unlock a Pink Bunny that you can snowboard with.
    ShowRewards Unlock All Videos
    BrotherOfYeti Unlock Bigfoot charachter
    GoTeamYeti Unlock Yeti charachter
    TrickedOut Unlocks all the tricks
    GoTeamYeti Yeti Character

    Contributed by: gsgreg, flipmo, SANTACRUZED, AndroidCodeRed, TheLimp 

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