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American Bass Challenge Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Debug Mode

    At the Ubisoft (US/EU)/Starfish (JP) logo, press Select, Up, Down, A, Left, Start. A debug sound test screen will appear once the logo fades out.

    Start the game and either choose Quick Fish mode, or choose Tournament or Practice modes, then press Select and choose Cast to access the main debug menu, where quite a few things, such as the color and amount of lures, the lake to fish at, the weather, the player character, the time, and the temperature can be changed.

    Contributed by: LuigiSan 

  2. Cheat Codes

    Enter on the main menu:

    Effect Effect
    Up, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right All fish are turned into bass

    Contributed by: Starky27 

  3. Sound Test

    Press L, R, and A together at the Press Start screen.

    Effect Effect
    Hold L + R + A Sound Test

    Contributed by: eioozaKojnaB