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Albion Cheats For PC

  1. Solve Money Problems

    To solve your money problem, go to the Iskai planets 'healer' in the Wizard. And talk to him, when you finish your conversion then you sometimes get a 17 gold value, Healing potion.

    Contributed by: JChamberlin 

  2. Activating Cheatmode

    During the Game, go to the menu. Select options, and in the options-menu, just type "schnosm" on your keyboard (without the " ) and your screen will flash white one time, so you know it worked. Back in the game, the cheats are enabled.

    About the Producer-Mode:
    - A picture of the Producer is shown in the lower right.
    - The Map is revealed, you can see persons and monsters on the map, and you can teleport everywhere by clicking on the map.
    - You can Walk through walls
    - You can reach everything whith the "use"-cursor
    - You can End fights and still get XP (Command in Battle)
    - Enemies can't engage you in battles
    - All spells are maxed out and only cost 1SP
    - You can deactivate this by using Alt + F12 again

    Effect Effect
    Alt + F4 ??? (export data, maybe screenshot?)
    Alt + F8 Engages a Battle with some mixed Monsters
    Alt + F3 Quit Game
    Alt + F11 Shows data about the graphics (?)
    Alt + F10 Shows MapID and your Coordinates (ID needed for Alt+F2)
    Alt + F1 Shows some data(?)
    Alt + F5 Shows some data(?)
    Alt + F6 Shows some data(?)q
    Alt + F9 Speeds up the In-Game Clock
    Alt + F2 Teleport to map #x (careful! wrong number crashes the game, use Alt+F10 first!)
    Alt + F7 Teleports you to the "Shortcut-Map", with doors leading to different places in the game (shortcuts) and some treasure-chests containing many items
    Alt + F12 toggle Producer-Mode

    Contributed by: Hadesengel 

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