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ActRaiser 2 Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Level Password

    Enter the passwords at the password screen.

    Effect Effect
    XZKC XBZM XXZD 1-2 (Easy)
    XZKC XBZM FSFC 1-2 (Hard)
    XZKC XBZM WTHC 1-2 (Normal)
    JCLD XYTX SLCS 2-1 (Easy)
    JCLD XYTX XXXJ 2-1 (Hard)
    JCLD XYTX TMCT 2-1 (Normal)
    MLWK BPZW DTZS 2-2 (Easy)
    MLWK BPZW LBPJ 2-2 (Hard)
    MLWK BPZW YJCW 2-2 (Normal)
    MMFH MBKC WHWL 3-1 (Easy)
    MMFH MBKC HJWP 3-1 (Hard)
    MMFH MBKC FFTL 3-1 (Normal)
    MCSY HKHD KHHY 3-2 (Easy)
    MCSY HKHD BYMF 3-2 (Hard)
    MCSY HKHD ZFHC 3-2 (Normal)
    MFLT CMSP TPTF 4-1 (Easy)
    MFLT CMSP WXJK 4-1 (Hard)
    MFLT CMSP XWFZ 4-1 (Normal)
    MFLH MFDS LTYP 4-2 (Easy)
    MFLH MFDS PHYX 4-2 (Hard)
    MFLH MFDS MXPS 4-2 (Normal)
    MFMJ PLBW YYJP 5-1 (Easy)
    MFMJ PLBW MSYW 5-1 (Hard)
    MFMJ PLBW LPCX 5-1 (Normal)
    MFMJ TTLK WSFP 5-2 (Easy)
    MFMJ TTLK HTWT 5-2 (Hard)
    MFMJ TTLK FPTP 5-2 (Normal
    MFMJ TWSY FYPX 6-1 (Easy)
    MFMJ TWSY JSHJ 6-1 (Hard)
    MFMJ TWSY HMTF 6-1 (Normal)
    MFXT SHJT BDLY 6-2 (Easy)
    MFXT SHJT DLWP 6-2 (Hard)
    MFXT SHJT CYTP 6-2 (Normal)
    MFCY BPXF CXBY 7-1 (Easy) [Part 1]
    MFCL YXKY CJDP 7-1 (Easy) [Part 2]
    MFCY BPXF YZJT 7-1 (Hard) [Part 1]
    MFCL YXKY YLZF 7-1 (Hard) [Part 2]
    MFCY BPXF DWKL 7-1 (Normal) [Part 1]
    MFCL YXKY DKDS 7-1 (Normal) [Part 2]
    MFCL SYMC PWWK 7-2 (Hard) [Part 1]
    MFCL SYMX FJSD 7-2 (Hard) [Part 2]
    MFCL SYMC MSXF 7-2 (Normal) [Part 1]
    MFCL SYMX WKTD 7-2 (Normal) [Part 2]

    Contributed by: isiahzombie 

  2. Useful / Fun Passwords

    Enter the password at the password screen.

    Effect Effect
    Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz Fight the final boss from Actraiser 1
    MFMJTVSYFVPX Last level with 38 lives
    BJQX YRKC DLSZ Play demo level (Only on Hard difficulty)
    MTkM SkTk HNSH Team Actraiser 2 cutscene

    Contributed by: isiahzombie 

  3. 3 Passwords for the Japanese version

    On the Japanese version, enter the following passwords

    Effect Effect
    Longlongago. Play against the last boss from part 1
    !!!!DEMO!!!! Play the demo mode (hard mode)
    TEAMACT.SHOW Shows a short demo introducing the team

    Contributed by: real_mukimuki 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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