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18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Cheats For PC

  1. Enable Cheats

    Use a text editor to edit the "config.cfg" or "controls.def" file in the "\my documents\18 wos haulin\" folder.

    Change these things:

    uset g_console "0"
    uset g_developer "0"


    uset g_console "1"
    uset g_developer "1"

    Then, in the game, press ~ to open up the console to enter your cheats.

    Effect Effect
    cheat money Add $500,000
    cheat driver Add one random driver to your company
    cheat rating <0-23> Company rating increased
    push Tab Display console commands
    sys_info Display operating system information
    cheat company <0-23> List branch offices for specified company
    cheat company List companies
    cheat rating List of game companies
    edit Map/world editor
    quit Quit game
    exit Return to main menu
    cheat company <0-23> <number> Teleport to specified company and branch

    Contributed by: JohnFranker