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.hack//Quarantine Part 4 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Secret Keywords

    At the bottom of the ad for Quarantine in the January and February 2004 issues of Shonen Jump, the keywords ''Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet'' can be found.

    Contributed by: kickas19 

  2. DVD easter egg

    Go to data and highlight .hack promo trailers. Press right to access a circular icon. Press X and you can scroll through information on the world, harold, the phases etc.

    Contributed by: UltraWolf 

  3. Secret Keywords

    During the last episode of Liminality, the keywords ''Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel'' flash across the screen in Japanese very briefly.

    Contributed by: jdslkhfg 

  4. Secret Keywords

    These Keywords are the best for getting the 6 Gott Statue only Weapons which are needed to finish the Item Quest.

    Omega: Discovered Forbidden Sunny Demon

    Rugrat Nights:
    Omega: Generous Corrupted Fort Walls

    Evil Eyes:
    Omega: Soaring Sky Hopeless Cat Market

    Omega: Vaguely Hopeless Sunny Demon

    Omega: Generous Corrupted Great Seal

    Awful Stun Rod:
    Omega: Turbulent Loose Aqua Field

    Contributed by: Souten no Balmung 

  5. Special Keywords

    These are the 6 best Keywords where you can find the books to upgrade your elemental stats by +2 and you can get as many as you want by going back:

    Omega: Chosen Hopeless Sea of Sand
    Firelore [Fire Element +2]

    Omega: Chosen Hopeless Ice Wall
    Sealore [Water Element +2]

    Omega: Chosen Hopeless Night Grass
    Darklore [Darkness Element +2]

    Omega: Chosen Hopeless Far Thunder
    Earthlore [Earth Element +2]

    Omega: Chosen Hopeless Treasure Gem
    Forestlore [Wood Element +2]

    Omega: Chosen Hopeless Capsule
    Stormlore [Thunder Element +2]

    Contributed by: Souten no Balmung 

  6. Quick Ryu Book II level up

    To quickly increase the amount of Dungeon Portals cleared in Ryu Book II, go to Theta: Chosen Corrupted Spiral. This dungeon is level 28 and only has 6 fights, making it a quick way to increase Ryu Book II stats.

    Contributed by: Forte V4 

  7. Secret area

    To get the highest level armor and weapons, go to Omega Chosen Solitary White Devil. This area's dungeon has no required fights and is a 2 floor dungeon.

    Contributed by: Forte V4 

  8. Parody Mode (Japan only)

    Beat the game once and the characters will all have different voices.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat .hack//Quarantine once Parody Mode

    Contributed by: auron508 

  9. Unlock Subaru, Tsukasa, Helba

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game once Subaru, Tsukasa, Helba

    Contributed by: rpgDragon 

  10. Unlock Sora

    To unlock Sora, you must have first seen the scene where he gets released from Skeith's wand in Lambda: Stalking Betrayed Nothingness. This will be posted on the board at the beginning of Oubreak, so if you do it, when you beat the game and Helba emails you hers, Subaru's, and Tsukasa's, she will include Sora's member address with it.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Watch scene at Lambda: Stalking Betrayed Nothingness in Outbreak, then beat the game. Unlock Sora

    Contributed by: Other_Self 

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