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.hack//Outbreak Part 3 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. DVD Easter Eggs

    In the Liminality DVD, select ''Data''. The highlight either Japanese TVCF, Japanese Promo Clip, or .hack//SIGN Characters.
    After that, press Right and Enter (or X on PS2 Controller). Each one will show a different clip on 3 characters.

    Contributed by: prediclaw75 

  2. Secret Area

    At the bottom of an Ad in the October 2003 issue of Shonen Jump is the passcode:

    Abrasive False Tragedy

    Contributed by: Richter 

  3. Level 70 Dungeons

    Enter the words ''Resonating'' ''Worst'' followed by almost any word in the third category to access 67 different level 70 dungeons. Note : These dungeons are of all element varieties.

    Contributed by: Hairy Nutsack 

  4. Unlock Terajima Ryoko

    A female heavy axeman named Terajima Ryoko will post on the board in game, she will talk about getting lost in a dungeon and would like somebody to lead her out. Go to the dungeon, she will be on the bottom level. When you find her you will see a scene and you will both leave automatically. When you get back to Sigma server, she will give you her member adress.

    Contributed by: superevilperson 

  5. Secret .hack//SIGN DVD Keywords

    Each Area contains two rare items only obtained in its corresponding dungeon.

    Effect Effect
    Sigma Server - Entwined Prejudiced Chaos Kokoro (Chest) + Rogue Fragment (Gott Statue)
    Sigma Server - Greedy Gambler's Drift Lady Killers (Chest) + Boxed Lunch (Gott Statue)
    Sigma Server - Ancient Destroyer's Battlefield Lady Shoes (Chest) + Scent of Gero (Gott Statue)
    Sigma Server - Tested Morphean Alchemy Vampire's Blade (Chest) + Field's Deed (Gott Statue)

    Contributed by: Lonerwise 

  6. Secret Liminality Keywords

    Each Area contains two rare items only obtained in its corresponding dungeon.

    Effect Effect
    Sigma Server - Barking Hot-Blooded 500 Lohan Lady Gloves (Chest) + Magnolia Miso (Gott Statue)
    Sigma Server - Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears Lady's Cap (Chest) + 3 Floor Tower (Gott Statue)
    Sigma Server - Unusual Ghostly Remnant Lady's Mail (Chest) + Doll Amulet (Gott Statue)

    Contributed by: Lonerwise 

  7. Parody Mode (Japan only)

    Once you played thorugh this games once and the characters will all have different voices.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat .hack//outbreak once Parody Mode

    Contributed by: auron508 

  8. Unlock Sora in .hack//Quarantine Part 4

    To unlock Sora, you must have first seen the scene where he gets released from Skeith's wand in Lambda: Stalking Betrayed Nothingness. This will be posted on the board at the beginning of Oubreak, so if you do it, when you beat Quarantine and Helba emails you hers, Subaru's, and Tsukasa's, she will include Sora's member address with it.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Watch scene at Lambda: Stalking Betrayed Nothingness in Outbreak, then beat .hack//Quarantine. Unlock Sora in .hack Quarantine

    Contributed by: Other_Self 

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