A Real Blast from the Past!

User Rating: 7 | Game Room X360
As I was born at the beginning of the 80's, I grew up with an Atari 2600 first bought for me by my dad (R.I.P.) and me and my cronies used to gather round a small black and white TV to play the likes of Defender, Tennis, Combat amongst others. We had a real laugh playing these games and sometimes we would fight over high scores when playing 'Winner Stays On'. When I saw the release of Game Room, I couldn't believe my eyes! Most of my favourite games in their original (albeit rather basic) glory! The games cost 240 MS Points each for one platform or 400 MS Points across platforms but since I don't own a 360 I just paid 240 Points for each game. For those of you who want to complain about the price, work this out.... 500 MS Points in the UK costs £4.25 so 10 Points is worth 0. 85p so a game costs £2.04 for a single platform or £3.40 for both platformswhich is neither here nor there in my eyes. I know it could've been free but at the end of the day the developers still created these games and put their blood, sweat and tears into them so they deserve to be paid and there are are other features added such as the avatars on PC and your arcade which can be visited by friends and let's not forget the achievements. All in all, Game Room is fun and is great for those whoactually played these games in our youth and we can show our children how games have evolved over the years and see how good they are at games from our era!. I've rated this 7/10 as it is great fun but unless more titles are released it can get boring rather quickly.