This game totally sucks. It rips off Mario Party in almost all ways possible.

User Rating: 3.5 | Game Party WII
This is probably the worst Wii game I've ever played. The only reason Why I tried it out was to see if it is just as good as Mario Party but Noooooooo! It really freaking sucks. The reason is because the Mini Games are so Terrible that the AI looks like he/she's on drugs and always gets the point when he/she didn't even do anything. I played this with my sister once and it was appalling because Everytime I answered a question correctly my sister always gets the point and yet my sister doesn't even believe that. The Graphics are really ugly because the visuals make me sick and lastly is the Lack of Voice Acting and terrible physics. Usually Midway does a Good Job making games but this time they Sucked at it because they were too stupid to even make a good Mario Party clone. It's more like a Mario Party Rip-Off than a clone. So in total this game is a pile of crap and Midway has totally failed this time. Sorry Midway but you guys failed to make a good party game. I give this a 3.6 out of 10 because the Mini Games suck except for the Darts one.