Buy Skyrim instead

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Game looks like one of those many generic superhero games, and I'm sure it plays like one too. Just save yourself 60 bucks or buy Skyrim instead...same concept won't be disappointed.

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People who buy this game will buy it because they enjoy A Song Of Ice and Fire
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The Sten has spoken....looks at sig.
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I cry that the forums are filled with such as you.

You say looks, showing you haven't played the game; neither have I so I won't say whether it is better or worse than Skyrim. However, just reading the review, it doesn't appear to be a similar style of RPG to Skyrim, and shouldn't really be comparable. Maybe compare it to Dragon Age: Origins, but again thats just from the sound of the review.

On a side note, I can't be the only one who didn't enjoy Skyrim that greatly, can I? The story didn't grip me, the gameplay bores me, with most of the time it being just hit things alot, and the graphics weren't amazing. It just left a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

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No, your not alone. I had fun with Skyrim until I had made all the weapons and amor I wanted and filled my skills for the most part. Sneaking around can be fun but after maxing everything I realized the combat was not very fun. It is messy and at times a free for all, then I realized the story has good production values but is just not what I was looking for. A story that relates to real life and has drama and twsists and turns and all that good stuff like ASOIAF. Skyrim plays it to safe, no risks in the story.

I imagine I will still go back and play from time to time and with new DLC but I played it for not even a month before moving on.

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I agree with you. And skyrim story is much less enjoyable than that of Game of Thrones.

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I will buy/play both and enjoy them ty!

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I beat Skyrim twice before GOT even came out. C'mon, play them both. Skyrim is a great open-world game and GOT is really nothing like it.