this game is alright

User Rating: 7 | Game & Watch: Mario's Cement Factory DS
mario's cement factory is a classic game for people it is a nice video game it is the good game that some people might find it boring but i think the game is really good it might start off to be a little boring but once you get to the point where you get a lot of points the game gets harder and it also gets way better it is a good game and watch game which i find it atleast a 7.0 out of 10. it is good you might find it boring when the game starts but when it gets to the end then you might like it nintendo did the right thing to put game and watch games on dsi ware game and watch's are awesome i think this is game is alright.this game has mario in it he is the one that pushes down the cement in the truck.this is a good game.and it is a good step into dsi ware game's it was good.Nintendo did the right thing to make a dsi ware game.