Its fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | Game & Watch: Manhole DS
This is a good game and watch game but not better then Donkey Kong Jr game and watch on the DSi.This is a fun game and watch that might start out boring but it gets better and better.This is fun this is worth 200 DSi points.I bought this when I had a DSi now I have a 3DS.This game and watch has 2 modes mode A and Mode B.The differences are Mode A is easy and Mode B is hard every game and watch has Mode A and Mode B.This game even tells time.This is a very fun game and watch game and a very great DSi game.This is a game that originaly came out over 30 years ago but now it is brought over to the dsi and it is a great classic.Like I said this game starts out easy and then this game gets harder.This game never ends so you can go over 1000 points.If you really like game and watch's then you should Download this DSi app.Score 7.5 out of 10.