Magnificent amounts of the video games here are tremendous.

User Rating: 9 | Game Boy Gallery 4 GBA
Game and Watch Gallery 4 is a video game arcade collection for the Game Boy Advance. Thankfully, majority of the video games seen here are outstanding. This video game compilation is excellent within the video game library.

In 'Fire' players send characters jumping from the blazing building towards the ambulance. Tactics here is to worry about the characters closer to the pavement needing to be propelled higher. With the 'Boxing' game, it could have been produced better. In the game 'Rain-shower,' contenders have to protect their property from falling water. Advice here is that on higher difficulties, other characters will willingly move the player's property possible in the water's direction so it is best to stay alert.

Continuing with video games in this collection, 'Mario's Cement Factory' sees players controlling Mario as he does work efficiently within his workplace. Advisable situations here are to work from the bottom towards the top. In the game 'Donkey Kong Jr.' gamers control the aforementioned character as he saves Donkey Kong from Mario. Suggestions here are to implement the fruit to quickly annihilate enemies. In 'Donkey Kong 3,' players control Mario or Stanley as they compete against Donkey Kong. Tactics seen here involve keeping the three sides at bay within each other. In the game 'Chef,' contenders control a cooker that uses a pot to cook the descending provisions. Strategies seen here are obviously reaching the food closer towards the pavement. 'Mario Bros.' is another game in which players control Mario and Luigi while they carry packages in upward directions. A tactful action here is that at times the boxes may suddenly go towards where they came from. In 'Donkey Kong,' Mario must save Peach from Donkey Kong's possession. Recommendations here are that rapid movement is needed here as the faster Mario rescues Peach, more points become rewarded. In the game 'Octopus,' players go underwater to collect gargantuan amounts of treasure. Advice here is when the octopus's tentacles are inbound, players can use the treasure as an attack.

So continuing, in 'Fire Attack,' players control characters protecting their vicinity from attacks. Suggestions here are that gamers should attack enemies in order based on speed. In 'Manhole,' contenders control a serious character as they place bridge pieces for the citizens to walk. The advice piece here is that players should move according towards who is close to falling. In 'Tropical Fish,' gamers control a grandpa catching his jumping fish. The recommendations here are that players should lean toward the left or right depending on what boundary is more populated. In 'Mario's Bomb's Away,' contenders control Mario as he carries the bomb towards Luigi. The obvious saying is that more fire is around the topmost part so players should keep the bomb in the ground parts more. In 'Parachute,' contenders must rescue parachutists from falling within the ocean. Basically, parachutists closer towards the water need rescuing first.

Continuing, in 'Bombsweeper,' players must control the protagonist trying to reach the bomb in time. Being tactful here is within most segments, contenders should make endeavors in finding different methods towards reaching the exploding objects. In 'Climber' players control a character that consecutively meets the bird at the topmost floor. Gamers must be careful of the floor segments they hit as they might be forced to wait a while until new pavement portions are assembled. The upcoming game is 'Safebuster,' which sees players controlling a person disposing of bombs thrown by some creature. Suggestions seen here is to put bombs downward the pipe if any are in possession immediately. There are more games to announce; so in 'Lifeboat,' contenders control two characters saving ship passengers from the left and right premises. A simple advisability inbound is that both sides are intertwined so if the left side moved, the right side follows a recognizable fashion. There is no need to mention the game 'Zelda,' which sees Link reaching the Triforce from the adversary's possession. This brings us the games in this collection.

Game and Watch Gallery 4 is a magnificent compilation of video games. Some of the standout titles include Safebuster, Fire Attack, and Climber. An amazing video game collection for arcade fans who enjoy varieties of a specific genre.