best game on the game boy

User Rating: 10 | Game Boy Gallery 4 GBA
finally the game i have been wating for is the best game ever it is a masterpiece it is so awesome it has 20 game and watch games in the games you get first 6 games unlockables 5 the other games you can unlock 9 games and now add that 9+6+5=20 there you go this game is so awesome this is a 9 out of 10 that is the way i see it. this game really rocks this game is 1.the best nintendo game 2.the best gameboy game 3.the best game and watch galley in the entire world this game is truely amazing it is a masterpiece nintendo should really make more games like this one.because this one is the best in the nintendo history and the best in the video game history that is how awesome this game is.this game really was a great success it is awesome.This has the best set of mini games then any other game and watch gallery has.